Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Idiot Seminary Excuse

When my sister was in the 12th grade, her school really wanted her to apply for seminary. My sister really didn’t want to go to seminary so the school called my mother in an attempt to convince her that seminary was important.

I understand the frummy community wants to keep you in the system for that one extra year … that extra year is what turns many from just “programmed” to full on FRUMMY psycho. So while I think it’s none of the schools business, I understand their need to help the Rabbi’s control the population.

Any way… One would think that if you’re making a case to separate a child from their parent there should atleast be a DECENT argument involved… but of course, if you deal with frummies you get the following:

“You know Mrs. your child was in a sheltered Jewish environment, do you really think it’s a good idea to stick her straight into college? Its such a culture clash. Seminary is a great transition year!”

Ummm… ARE THESE PEOPLE HIGH? What would you think is easier? Transitioning from a year of public NYC transportation into a college environment, or switching straight from a year in Israel WHERE JUST ABOUT EVERYONE IS JEWISH AND YOUR ASSOCIATIONS IS MOSTLY WITH FRUM JEWS AS WELL?

This is why the Jew educational system is failing. You have idiots running the system