Thursday, January 21, 2010

buy it yourself

“However, this does not mean that you should not buy your future daughter in law a ring that is possibly more than you would have wanted to spend. I don't mean exorbitantly, maybe another $1000.”

That quote is one I found in the comments of one of Orthonomics post about dependency of today’s couples on their parents…

I personally got completely agitated by that comment right there.

I understand a MIL, a sister, or a SIL asking to accompany a guy when he goes to purchase his girlfriend (dating partner) her ring, but for someone other than the chosson to pay for it? Seriously? Didn’t the guy ever work?

No, I forgot… guys these days are so holy that they don’t need to work!

I’m not on the madraga to constantly know that “Hashem provides” (by making parents/inlaws sick from overwork, and lack of retirement funds)

Seriously? Wtf?

Thursday, January 7, 2010


A friend of mine emailed me the other day, clearly hysterical (we communicate via email *all* the time, so I can tell by the "tone") to say that a Rabbi (also happens to be the shadchan who made her shidduch) cursed her marraige.

That's right. The Rabbi CURSED her marriage.

At first I started cracking up hysterically, because, why the hell would a Rabbi curse a marraige, and even if he did, who really cares? Any man with the ability to give a "real" curse (if there even is one), wouldn't be an a$$ enough to actually do it.

Anyway, I asked her "so, whats this about?"

Here goes:
A few months before she and her chatan met, her chatan knew the Rabbi/shadchan very well and agreed to help him out with something. He (the chatan) spent hours researching information, free of charge. After a few months the Rabbi/Shadchan got what he needed, and said to chatan "thank you soooo very much, you're such a nice boy, I will now make it a big deal to find you a nice girl to marry"

A month or so later, my friend (Kallah) walked into the Rabbi's life, by joining a group he had, where he gave speeches and led discussions. He got to know my friend, and he realized that she would make a good match with the guy who helped him. He set them up... 2 months later, they're engaged!

During the engagment period, the chatan walked into the Rabbi/Shadchan's office, and handed him a shadchan gift of $500... Rabbi through the envelope back in chatan's face, and said "I charge $2000 from the grooms side and $1000 from the brides, what you gave me is pathetic. He who doesn't pay his shadchan is he who has a cursed marraige"

and so... my friend was totally flipping out, becuase seh was totally superstitious, and generally, as a soon-to-be married person, that's something completely unpleasant to hear.

I told my friend "the rabbi is an a$$, ignore him. He's a Rabbi not a magician"

And so...she see's a curse in everything now. The apt is roach infested, people keep declining the wedding and that up's the price per plate (yes, I know, she shouldn't have guaranteed so many people), and so many other things...

I can't help but think that this guy is such an a$$ to go and curse the couple. Even if he were upfront about the fee's (which he wasn't), and even if the chatan never helped him with anything, one has to be an a$$ of a Rabbi to throw money back at the couple and CURSE them as well...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dumb Gemach

I was looking through the Jewish Press Classifieds when I got up to the part about "Gemachs". Most of them are decent, but one was just laugh out-loud funny. Here goes:

Beautiful business-size cards with Kiruv websites on them, are available for free (o to give to not-yet Frum people).

Can anyone explain to me why frummies think their religion is so cheap that a few fluffed up websites (on a "beautiful" business card) is enough to turn someone frum?
Heck, why do frummies think EVERYONE is cut out for the frum lifestyle?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

what the ad should say

If anyone is ever bored, I highly recommend reading the classified's of the Torah Times... its ridiculously humurous (specifically the lost & found). But I'm not going into that...

I'm gonna make fun of the ads... I call it the
"What the ad's SHOULD say..." and then write the actual ad- as is- in the Times.

Should say:
Emergency Campaign. Two-incapable "adults" getting married, with no job and lack of any practical job-related skills, as well as the lack of any life-skills. Please buy a raffle ticket for two to Florida.
What ad says:
Emergency Campaign. Hachnases Kallah Raffle, Ticket for 2 to Florida 1-for $5- 3 for $12- 5 for $18- Please mail to...

Should say:
Shidduch Organization looking to set your adult-child up. Please send us their height and weight, so we can update our database and begin to set people up!
What ad says:
Zivug4u Shidduch Organization is now updating our Data Base send email to request form.