Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dumb Gemach

I was looking through the Jewish Press Classifieds when I got up to the part about "Gemachs". Most of them are decent, but one was just laugh out-loud funny. Here goes:

Beautiful business-size cards with Kiruv websites on them, are available for free (o to give to not-yet Frum people).

Can anyone explain to me why frummies think their religion is so cheap that a few fluffed up websites (on a "beautiful" business card) is enough to turn someone frum?
Heck, why do frummies think EVERYONE is cut out for the frum lifestyle?


jewish philosopher said...
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jewish philosopher said...

Chances are that if you aren't cut out for a Frum lifestyle, you're probably a complete loser.

ksilloyavin said...

JP, that tactic usually works getting people frum, no? insults, etc.


harry-er than them all said...

yea,ive seen those cards they make me nervous.

kind of like saying "im not cut out to show this non-observant jew the good parts of judaism, so lets send him to a website which whitewashes the good and bad together"

NICOLE said...

I Agree with The Skeptic! HOW SPECIAL DO THEY THINK THEY ARE! When did frummies become better than non frummies! and those who become frummies SHOULD NOT BE CALLED BAL TESHUVAS! Why do they automatically consider new frummies as sinning people because they were not frum before! WHETHER YOU EAT SHELL FISH OR NOT DOES NOT MAKE YOU A BETTER PERSON!


Mikeinmidwood said...

Jewish Philosopher

I dont get you, if your not cut out for a frum lifestyle it makes you a loser? how may I ask. Not everyone out there can fit into the box made by the frummies. You certaintly dont fit into the frummie mold because youre on the internet, does that make you a loser?

Moshe said...

And jake the snake is back. Woo hoo.

There are several things frummies don't understand. No one can make someone frum, only the person himself can. Giving someone cards, bringing to boring lecture, giving them free food, will not turn them frum. Frummies think that what they like, everyone likes.

Now those people who do become bts, are then shunned by the same frummies. School, marriage, etc.

Lvnsm27 said...

interesting :)