Sunday, January 3, 2010

what the ad should say

If anyone is ever bored, I highly recommend reading the classified's of the Torah Times... its ridiculously humurous (specifically the lost & found). But I'm not going into that...

I'm gonna make fun of the ads... I call it the
"What the ad's SHOULD say..." and then write the actual ad- as is- in the Times.

Should say:
Emergency Campaign. Two-incapable "adults" getting married, with no job and lack of any practical job-related skills, as well as the lack of any life-skills. Please buy a raffle ticket for two to Florida.
What ad says:
Emergency Campaign. Hachnases Kallah Raffle, Ticket for 2 to Florida 1-for $5- 3 for $12- 5 for $18- Please mail to...

Should say:
Shidduch Organization looking to set your adult-child up. Please send us their height and weight, so we can update our database and begin to set people up!
What ad says:
Zivug4u Shidduch Organization is now updating our Data Base send email to request form.

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Moshe said...

The proper classification is kidult.