Monday, March 30, 2009

I blame the Jews for the crisis

Jews - if this economy is hurting you, good, I no longer give a damn.

There have recently been a lot of talks about raising taxes on the richest in NY. Mayor Bloomberg was very against it, insisting that since only the top 40,000 people sustain NY, taxing them even more would make them move to different states which would really cripple the city's economy.

I agree with Bloomberg and neither my family nor myself fall even nearly close to the top 40,000, yet we feel they shouldn't be burdened anymore. What is it that we feel should be done? Mass tax-cuts. It's what got us out of the recession during the Reagen era.

Regardless, allowing 40,000 out of 8 million to be the sole breadwinners in a city, is reckless. Only an idiot group of people would allow something like that, which leads me to my point. Only the government and the Jews could allow something like this.

what do I mean? well, I think my point on the government is clear. They have what is called progressive tax, which emphasises taxing a specific group of people (which leads to budget's relying on those few people).

So now, why are Jews stupid? because they emphasize on the few. The Torah forbids giving more than 20 percent of income towards ma'aser, yet the Rabbeim insist on some nonsense loophole, which now means that the Jewish institutions rely mostly on the top earners in the community. Now with the market crash and the Madoff Ponzi scheme, what do we have? Institutions going bankrupt- instead of rebbeim preventing the problem years ago by enforcing an actual halacha - a father must teach his son a trade- the Rebbeim allowed the system to rely on the few productive members of society. Now that a lot of the wealth is gone, the insignificants in their yeshivas cannot even help out, because they lack in any practical skills.

I learned in HS and my sister is learning now in HS, that the Jews are the microcosm of the world.

The 'gedolim' are at fault for the global crisis, because they caused a parnassa crisis in the frummy community, which stemmed to the global one. how fun!

Until our gedolim realize they're leading us on a path of economic crisis, and universal frummy poverty, our economy will not recover, afterall, they do teach us that the goyim follow in our path. It's no wonder their world is falling apart.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


My best friend (the girl one, the general position was taken by the fiance) has recently gotten engaged!!!

She's so awesome, I'm so happy for her I can't even think straight. I was wandering around the office humming (more than usual- I hummed like crazy pre-engagment and right after) for the last few days. :-)

I mean, the timing couldn't be more perfect. we're both engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just hoping our fiances like each other so that we don't have to drag them out when we wanna see each other!

Anyway, I'm too out of it. Too much excitment for me. lol. I've been kinda avoiding the blog.

Maybe soon I'll read something that annoys me, or speak to a super frummy :)

But for now, I'm keeping with the good mood!

Friday, March 20, 2009

people aren't even THAT dumb!


I just finished watching President Obama on the Tonight Show (w/ Jay Leno) - and boy, he thinks people are dumber than I do! that's just scary.

This guy (Obama) was comparing how toasters come with warnings because its the law but the credit cards and mortgages don't and so the consumers are being taken advantage off.

Well WTF Mr. President...lemme tell you something, even I don't think people are that dumb that they don't understand that a credit card can get them into trouble. I mean REALLY!?!

People who need the government to print warnings on credit cards to inform them that they are dangerous are fiscally irresponsible and they should be locked up. Seriously. Those people are hazardous to the health of the few smart people. They should be locked up somewhere, like a retards home.


And puh-leeze, those bozo's who were "conned" by the subprime mortgages need to get brain transplants.

They weren't conned. They wanted the easy way out, so they acted stupidly. How the hell is it not common-sense that paying a mortgage that isn't at a fixed rate bad?

WTF...these people aren't stupid. They're irresponsible.

Like my dad's friend said (his second house is on one of those subprime mortgages) "you only live once"

Yea yea... live once.

Some people shoulda never had the right to take out loans, Mr. Obama (who was the senator who received the most from the Freddie/Frannie scandal -$100,000).


this president has GOT to go! Heck, what the hell is the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES doing on a comedy show in the midst of a financial crisis orchestrated by himself and his buddies (Obama received $101,000 from the execs at AIG for his campaign)?


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Get a new Rav

My mom's friend lives in a pretty bad neighborhood because she cannot afford to live in a better one.

Not trying to sound racist here, but the general rule of "bad neighborhood" in NY means either it's shvartze-ville or hispanic-ville.

Anyway, so mom's friend isn't really frum, but she is very pro-Jewish so she has a family Rav.

One day when she was speaking to this Rav, he said to her "You should get out of that neighborhood before your daughter comes home with a shvartze"

Aside from that being just a general disturbing (and outright racist) statment, I find it stupid as well for the following reasons

1- the girl is quite young (under 10)

2- both her kids go to yeshiva.

3- she doesn't allow them to socialize with anyone in the neighborhood, and she's super over-protective.


Anyway, so he made that woman cry.

I honestly don't think I would've cried. I would've found a new Rabbi.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Quality over Qauntity

I told someone today "Some people aren't worth money, the frum community is better off if they remain outside, and not frum"

The person was like "they're all Hashem's children, you don't really believe that?"

I said "I honestly believe that, I don't give a cent of my maaser to kiruv organizations because I think their tactics are wrong. I believe quality over quantity"

He goes "you don't believe that"

Me - "Oh yes I do. If a person makes someone frum, its the same as like preventing poverty by just handing poor people money. It works in the beginning, but 5-10 years down the line, you're screwed. Heck, look at the economy. People don't become frum cuz of other people"

Convo continued. Will not share the rest.

Why am I sharing this? Because you, my dear readers, should know, that I don't think all people are created equal. Stupid people are on a lower level and they should be controlled.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

If you wear a suit, wear it right!

One of my biggest pet-peeves is the way frum people dress. The black hat thing bothers me but not as much as the suit-bearded-shlepper look. I just hate it. It's disgusting. The only positive to the shlepper look, is that it further proves that frum people are full of crap.

The whole thing works like this. Frummies claim the black/white penguin/oreo look is "Jewish", (that's just as "Jewish" as driving a Honda Odyssey -wait 10 years when that'll be the only 'kosher' car).

There always comes a time when a Rabbi is cornered and has no option but to admit that the "Jew" clothes is not in fact Jewish (but the style of European goyish nobility way back in the day). To save his a$$ the Rabbi automatically throws a defense and says "Would you greet the President of the United States or the Queen of England in your jeans? ...So then why would you daven or fulfill mitzvahs in them?"

I hate that question. It is such a stupid question. If any guy is dressed in jeans that fit him and an un-stained t-shirt he automatically looks WAY better than your typical average yeshivish guy with his tzitzit hanging out with his messy beard, visibly worn shirt and one-size-fits all suit.

I recently witnessed something that bothered me soooo much and so I'm sharing something with you:

Proper rules of etiquette - if a guy has his suit jacket buttoned while he is standing, as he takes a seat he is supposed to unbutton it. It's a social norm. It's something I view as common sense (and I'm not a male!). Why? Because when the guy sits if he does not unbutton himself the suit is likely to bulge in front of him (leaving him looking like a shlepper).

I recently saw one of those "proper dress while davening" guys not unbutton his button as he sat. This guy who supposedly serves Gd, looked like a complete shlemazzel, especially since he had his tzitzit untucked and one of the most unkept- beards ever. It's as if the invention of the razor was yet to be discovered.

If you're going to look down on people because they don't dress like a proper "ben-Torah" and they wear jeans, at least do yourselves a favor and wear your suit better than the jean-wearer pulls off his "casual" look. Don't forget to unbutton the button, keep yourself tucked in, and clean your beard. OMG it's not meant to be a crumb collector! If you can't do that, stop judging the guys who wear jeans, at least they look more hygienic than you do.

If you wear a suit, wear it right. If you can't do that. SHUT UP and find the commandment where it says "And thou shall not wear jeans" and then the commentary that reads "Even if the jean wearer is neater" Because believe me, the board of health and the CDC would much quicker allow the "modern orthodox jean-wearer" than your typical rebbe into the white house.