Thursday, March 26, 2009


My best friend (the girl one, the general position was taken by the fiance) has recently gotten engaged!!!

She's so awesome, I'm so happy for her I can't even think straight. I was wandering around the office humming (more than usual- I hummed like crazy pre-engagment and right after) for the last few days. :-)

I mean, the timing couldn't be more perfect. we're both engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just hoping our fiances like each other so that we don't have to drag them out when we wanna see each other!

Anyway, I'm too out of it. Too much excitment for me. lol. I've been kinda avoiding the blog.

Maybe soon I'll read something that annoys me, or speak to a super frummy :)

But for now, I'm keeping with the good mood!