Sunday, June 26, 2011


The following article is about 2 Chassidish Borough Park guys. They owned an auto collision shop and were purposely ruining the cars even more, by hammering them and so forth so they can get more money from the insurance companies.

They’ve been under investigation and were arrested.

If that isn’t enough of a chillul Hashem, over 100 idiot chassidim from Borough Park packed the courtroom to show their support…

Seriously, show your support for CRIMINALS? Why don’t you just have a Rav come out and openly SUPPORT insurance fraud.

Ohh… and btw, one of the guys was on “public assistance” and the authorities found $700,000 CASH in his house!

Shame on the chassidish community. They shoulda just allowed these morons to get arrested, but by “supporting” them they made it an even BIGGER chillul Hashem!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sholom Aleichem

The following was written by Sholom Aleichem. So funny how its applicable in today's society...

Frummy mishugas never changes!

But something happened: in the last forty or fifty years a ray of worldly light has stolen into our corner of the earth and has reached even into our very synagogues, even there where the impoverished lads sat with their tomes. There you found them secretly snatching their first taste of secular food, some rhetoric as an appetizer, then swallowing - or choking over - a Russian grammar, with maybe a few chapters of a novel for dessert. From studies like there, naturally, no Talmudic scholars or famous rabbis emerged. Instead. Jewish youths wandered off into the world and were ruined, became doctors, lawyers, writers of prose and verse, teachers - and plain non-believers. Not a single rabbi who was worth anything. That is, there were a number of rabbis. But what kind? Crown rabbis wished onto us by the czar, whether we wanted them or not. As if he had said, "Here is a loaded bomb; hold on to it." But let us proceed...

-Sholom Aleichem in The Lottery Ticket.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lakewood Pirkei Avos, Joke?

I received this pic in an email from someone as a “joke”… and boy was I *not* laughing

I was completely freaking out.

I don’t find it funny that the community has stooped so low that men are completely useless specimen and women and their parents are forced to support them.

It’s an absolute disgrace that I actually got this joke originally from a girl whose husband is learning. This joke implies that apparently girls feel no guilt or shame about forcing on ridiculous requests to their parents for support while they “work”- at a crappy job, which if it weren't crappy they wouldn't need parental support.

It’s an absolute abomination that our community has sunk so low that this crap is “funny.” Who the hell is gonna support the grandchildren when the time comes??