Monday, March 30, 2009

I blame the Jews for the crisis

Jews - if this economy is hurting you, good, I no longer give a damn.

There have recently been a lot of talks about raising taxes on the richest in NY. Mayor Bloomberg was very against it, insisting that since only the top 40,000 people sustain NY, taxing them even more would make them move to different states which would really cripple the city's economy.

I agree with Bloomberg and neither my family nor myself fall even nearly close to the top 40,000, yet we feel they shouldn't be burdened anymore. What is it that we feel should be done? Mass tax-cuts. It's what got us out of the recession during the Reagen era.

Regardless, allowing 40,000 out of 8 million to be the sole breadwinners in a city, is reckless. Only an idiot group of people would allow something like that, which leads me to my point. Only the government and the Jews could allow something like this.

what do I mean? well, I think my point on the government is clear. They have what is called progressive tax, which emphasises taxing a specific group of people (which leads to budget's relying on those few people).

So now, why are Jews stupid? because they emphasize on the few. The Torah forbids giving more than 20 percent of income towards ma'aser, yet the Rabbeim insist on some nonsense loophole, which now means that the Jewish institutions rely mostly on the top earners in the community. Now with the market crash and the Madoff Ponzi scheme, what do we have? Institutions going bankrupt- instead of rebbeim preventing the problem years ago by enforcing an actual halacha - a father must teach his son a trade- the Rebbeim allowed the system to rely on the few productive members of society. Now that a lot of the wealth is gone, the insignificants in their yeshivas cannot even help out, because they lack in any practical skills.

I learned in HS and my sister is learning now in HS, that the Jews are the microcosm of the world.

The 'gedolim' are at fault for the global crisis, because they caused a parnassa crisis in the frummy community, which stemmed to the global one. how fun!

Until our gedolim realize they're leading us on a path of economic crisis, and universal frummy poverty, our economy will not recover, afterall, they do teach us that the goyim follow in our path. It's no wonder their world is falling apart.


Mikeinmidwood said...

Ive thought about that. Also the jews make the country in any area of expertise, if the jews are doing bad the country is also in that area (ahem, america is considered a stupid country).

frumskeptic said...

America isn't actually considered a stupid country. Most other countries depend on us, and they are super jealous. Afterall, they watch our movies, use our internet, use our computers, franchise our businesses, and they try their hardest to get into our universities.

However, now that Obama is literally screwing us over, they're beginning to think we're stupid...tho the Europeans did support Obama before they were against him.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you call others stupid! Your posts have gotten more and more moronic! Seriously - have you read what you have written?

frumskeptic said...

anonymous- don't comment about stupidity if u don't have the balls to atleast create a name for yourself, online, to develop a persona.

until then, stfu.

Anonymous said...

wow its amazing to see that you will have a seat next to Jesus in gehemim.

frumskeptic said...

thanx for the bracha.
Jesus is my homeboy !

Barb Chansky said...

Interesting viewpoint. I think Europeans realized that if BO drags us down, they will follow as well.

Anonymous, number one, if you want to call people names, do not do it anonymously, and number two, our blogs are our domains: if you do not like our thoughts or the way we express them, do not visit and do not read.

Moshe said...

Anonym-ass, STFU. You got something to say, put a name behind it. Don't like FS' posts? Stop reading.

I wouldn't call America as a whole very smart. Yes, movie business is good and America holds exclusive rights to domains, etc. America is a katamari. You can run but sooner or later it'll roll over you and you'll be tied to it economically.
Think of what will happen to China if America goes belly up.

Moshe said...
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Favorite Anonymous said...

Hello Barb, didnt know you comment by my friend OFS :)

OFS - I like this post, makes one think...

frum single female said...

i for one was very concerned about why europe was pro BO.