Sunday, April 12, 2009

my grandma

my grandmother met one of my frum friends and absolutely fell in love with her. Three weeks later, my grandma decides that my friend would be absolutely perfect for my non-frum cousin.

I tell my grandma "Um, he's not frum"

grandma- "so? he'll learn to eat kosher"

me- "Um, its not just kosher."

grandma- "for love he'll become frum"

me- "SHE wouldn't go out with him either"

grandma - "what, she's crazy like that?"

me - "its not crazy like that, they'd have nothing in common!"

grandma- "these days people are so picky"

Ok, my grandma, as well meaning as she is, really doesn't get it. You can't set people up like that. It's not like my cousin has any desire to even become frum. He's not even THINKING about it! What would the two of them talk about? How would they raise their kids? Its just insane, I don't get these older people.


EsPes said...

haha thats sooo my father. he'll randomly suggest a guy in the community whos the type to marry a girl who wont cover her hair after shes married... and when i tell him how it sooo wont work, he basically says the same thing as ur grandmother!

Moshe said...

And then there are frummies who set up frum Russians with not frum Russians. "They're both Russian, what's the problem?!"

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It's not just older people. Back in the days when I was dating, my Lakewood married friends were constantly trying to set me up with guys that planned on sitting and learning for years after they got married. Didn't matter how many times I told them that I was looking for someone who was working, they'd just tell me that if it was the 'right' guy I'd be okay with the learner...they wouldn't accept the fact that if the guy was still sitting and learning he automatically wasn't 'right' for me.