Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wedding planning

So far so good... wedding plans are coming along...

We've booked a hall, photographer and band.

I've chosen my colors - Pink and Burgundy

I really like one dress at David's Bridal, which is awesome. But I'm going to check out two other places. Hopefully, I'll pick a gown within a few weeks.

Aside from that, everything is going smoothly. We've had the vort, which went very well. :)

After I get my gown, my mom, sister and future mom-in-law will go down to a mall in Long Island. :-)

My grandmother absolutely hates my colors. Her favorite color is blue. My parent's wedding color was blue. So my grandmother is trying her best to lose weight to fit into the exact same dress she wore then. When my mom saw that dress, she insisted that my grandma wear a different dress, and now my grandma is giving me a hard time.

On the work front, people are constantly asking me what's happening with the wedding plans. This one lady asked me today if I already have sheva brachos outfits... I was like "umm... The wedding is 6 months away!"

the non-frum or non-Jews keep asking me about where the honeymoon will be. And I have to explain to each of them, time and time again, that there can be no honeymoon until later on because after sheva brachos, it wouldn't be logical to take ANOTHER week off.

But generally... I'm always on my feet. lol. :-)

I haven't had such a full schedule in a really long time. So I'm really happy. :-)


Jessica said...

Glad to hear plans are going smoothly!

Malki said...

Not meaning to put a spanner in things but there are other reasons why you may not wanna take a honeymoon right after the wedding! enjoy!

frum single female said...

pink and burgundy-
your wedding colors sound very pretty.

Moshe said...

If the hall is not Jewish, make sure to inform them, and then again at the wedding, that they should bring you food to the yichud room. Not a joke, happened to friends at their wedding.

Henny and Avrumi got the band to play Star Wars theme when they walked into the hall after pictures.

frumskeptic said...

MOshe- the hall we're having it at isn't a Jewish hall, but they have A LOT of frum clients, so they know exactly what they're doing. :)

but thanks for the heads up :-)