Friday, April 17, 2009

No Learners?

Apparently its a new thing for guys not to go into learning anymore. I heard it from a few people, so I'm bringing it up on the blog.

Considering I'm not so sure I believe it. I don't think that a set back in funds is enough to convince very stubborn religious zealots that they cannot continue on in their lifestyle. After all, Hashem provides, right? I mean, what is section 8, welfare, and medicaid for if not for Hashem's way to support the yeshivishe crowd!?

So the sake of this post I'm going to assume the trend is real:
Finally, FINALLY, the frummies had some sense knocked into them, and they realized that allowing leeches into the community is bad, and its time for new medicine --> jobs!

However, while the frummies may have finally had their breakthrough, and have seen the light, they still have a few years to fully recognize how screwed they really are.

1- Their boys (and for the most part girls as well) go to schools with AWFUL education, which not only makes it hard to find a decent job, but makes it nearly impossible in this economy.

2- If they're being "modern" and super practical about this entire breakthrough and they actually consider sending their kids to a post-HS educational facility (such as *gasp* college), then their kids just will NOT be able to handle it. After all, if they don't know anything aside from the stories about Avraham, Itzchak and Yaakov how in the world will they manage to make it in a place that at least had basics that were expected from them?

3- If a the financial system of the frum is dying NOW, how in the world will they manage to fix it? They plan on selling their debt to the Chinese, too?

Before frummies start cheering (the poorer ones who prayed their daughters wouldn't want a learner) that the trend is over, they should really sit back and think about how long it'll be before their non-learning son-in-law will be able to gain enough knowledge to accomplish anything anyway.


Garnel Ironheart said...

Don't worry about the crappy education they're getting. The public system isn't doing a better job so when it comes time to get burger swingers, they'll be just as competitive.

Off the Derech said...

>The public system isn't doing a better job.

That is insane.

We're talking about schools that do nothing to prepare their students for college. In the high school I went to, for instance, roughly 5% of the "graduates" went on to college. They're all going to learn in kollel for the rest of their lives (at least that's the plan), have a million kids, and be dirt poor. College will probably never be an option for them.

frumskeptic said...

GI- are you kidding? PS in most cases do a way better job. they are required to meet state and city standards that many frummy yeshivos just help their students cheat.

sara said...

FS, I have worked in 3 public schools in the Brooklyn area. First of all, many schools right now are not reaching state standards and are therefor being closed down and reopened as a few "new" schools. Secondly, as someone who attended frum schools, I feel I got a better education than what I am seeing today at the school I work at. While public schools are able to offer a great variety of classes, I think many of the frum schools offer a better quality of education.
Your view of public school seems to
be idealized and somewhat inaccurate.

sara said...
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frumskeptic said...

sara- you must be teaching at one of the bad PS's, and had attended one of the decent frum schools.

I've been to PS up until HS, and I went to one of the B"Y wannabe schools with a reputation for good secular education, and it was definitly awful incomparison to what I was receiving before, and compared to what my friends who were still in the PS system were getting.

Take into consideration, you mentioned how the bad public schools are always being closed, and then reopened, the yeshivos don't open and close, no mater how bad they ar. They don't try different educating techniques to improve...they simply don't care, their idea of improvment is giving away the "untznious" answers to the regents. PS's atleast attempt improvment.

Moshe said...

"then their kids just will NOT be able to handle it"

So they'll go to Touro or Brooklyn. Though don't know what kind of job they'll get after that, especially Touro.

Anonymous said...

Yet another argument for homeschooling. 7 G's per year per kid AND the education sucks?