Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just wrong

While at shul on the last day of pesach, my fiance, my sister and a friend or two were standing in the lobby talking during yitzkor, when my friend's brother walked into shul with an unfamiliar very young boy.

The brother says "Some lady just asked me to take her son to his dad" and he walked away with the boy. He checked both of the minyanim we have in shul, and the boy's father was nowhere to be found. He even took the boy down to the kitchen"

My friends brother was like "what am I supposed to do now? I can't find his father! I don't even know who he is!"

The kid looked absolutely terrified (I'd say the poor thing was about 5). Everyone around was semi-joking that he was now stuck with a kid, because he was abandoned and left on his "door-step" like they do in Hospitals and police stations. Then the mother of the boy, opened the door, and called for her kid. He lit up, and ran out to her.

Why on earth would any decent parent leave their kid with a strange boy to wander around a shul, even if they did think their hubby was inside?

What on earth was this woman thinking?


Anonymous said...

how can people be so stupid and give their child to a complete stranger. i thought a parent is supposed to keep their child(ren) away from strangers not hand them over to them. just because that person daven's in a shul doesn't mean that he is a safe person. this person should have ACS called against her for endangering the welfare of her child and then she should see a doctor to tie up her tubes.

may hashem bless her with a brain this year.


Moshe said...

Pathetic. And then you have the Buripark women who leave carriages with babies outside a store while they go shopping.

frumskeptic said...

~fg~ = Amen!

moshe- Yup. pathetic.