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Just another point to prove the antisemitism! This Rabbi is innocent! Only Hitler Lovers would convict him [note sarcasm]!


Anonymous said...

Here we have a case of showing an absurd case, (a 'reductio' argument).

If someone claims this is anti-Jewish, then it's absurd, because we all agree that pedophilia is immoral.

But citing one example is not statistically significant.

Is anyone seriously claiming that this is a case of anti-Jewish sentiment?

If not, then citing this one example is both statistically insignificant *and* a straw man argument.

Example: "Hey, this murderer is a political Conservative! Therefore, this is a typical example of who Conservatives are."

That would be fallacious, because it is statistically insignificant, even if a small number of persons actually asserted the claim.

Secondly, if the example is quoted sarcastically, then it's both statistically insignificant and a straw man argument (a false example of your opponents reasoning).

Respectfully submitted,
- Poster

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