Monday, November 5, 2007

Try Justifying This

"On Oct. 21, five ultra-Orthodox Jews assaulted a woman and an Israeli soldier on a bus bound for Beit Shemesh. The men demanded that the woman sit in the back of the bus; when she refused and asked the soldier to sit next to her, they beat them both. When the police came, dozens of ultra-Orthodox men attacked them while the assailants escaped."

or this which was later on in the article...

"But the tensions between the two ultra-Orthodox communities are real. Ilan Shmueli, 35, runs “American Pizza” in Beit Shemesh A. He opened in the stricter B in August 2005, based on his work in a Deal, N.J., pizzeria.
After six months, he said, “the problems started — they began to throw things at us: tomatoes from the market, hot oil, gasoline.” Some ultra-Orthodox from B were customers, but “the Hasidim, who were a bit nuts,” started demonstrations, which became violent. His sin was to sit men and women in the same restaurant. “I went to their rabbi and I said, ‘Look, it’s like the war of Gog and Magog,’” Mr. Shmueli said. “And he said, ‘You might end up dead.’”

Justify this. for real. i dare you. try it.
firstly i would like to know how they beat the woman. doesn't that go against the laws of shomer negiah? but i dunno, lets judge them favorably and assume they beat her with a stick...
secondly...if you read the entire article they talk about how the families are poor and they mostly live on charity. Guess whose giving them the charity? THE FRIKKIN PEOPLE THEY BEAT UP! thats right. Who works? the non-charedi. the charadi workers are the ones that are limited in funds, b/c its most likely money that was already in the family. the money already in the family may and probably will run out. so who will support their children when they get married and the family money runs out? once again..the NON charadi. THe ones that actually WORK and open the same type of pizza places with - G-D FORBID- MIXED seating!!!. THEY PROVIDE the CHARITY, CUZ THEY"RE THE ONES WORKING!
I just love when people are stupid like this. its always entertaining and makes me gain a huge respect for frum ppl...

but please do try and justify this.



mlevin said...

There is no justification for this

flatbush gal said...

I just want to know what exactly is going through the beaters head. WHAT?! Is he under the impression that it's allowed or something? Does he not know he's doing something wrong? It's a mystery to me.