Thursday, November 8, 2007


Many people are manipulative and conniving. The reason that many of these people get away with their sleazy plans, isn't because they are cleverly disguised (they usually aren't), but because "they are frum" or "yeshivish" AND they fall under the category of a "black hatter."

Here is an example explaining what it is I'm trying to say:

Lets take Menachem, he is a young man who has just received Smicha. He is married, has a few kids and he wears a black-hat on shabbos. Menachem thinks blue-jeans are the root cause of all evil, and he NEVER, EVER wears a shirt that isn't white. So Menachem decides he wants to get involved in Kiruv, and due to the kindness of an acquaintance, he is able to find a very friendly shul to host him. After a few months, the shul members agree in helping him with funding for a few of the programs he proposed.

After a couple of years, it becomes clear that he has failed in fulfilling the programs' objectives (no one became frum, certain people actually refused to join because of their dislike towards Menachem) Many of the shul members began to notice. However, because it was a Modern Orthodox shul and the Rav of the shul was way "frummer" than the members, nothing got done to solve the problem. To the dismay of these members, the Rav gave Menachem yet ANOTHER "program". And this program was his own minyan.

It wasn't the shul members that gave Menachem his own minyan, but the Rav of the shul and the Presidium (who were apparently persuaded into it). No shul meeting was granted to determine the faith of the minyan, just the Rav's "ok".

All the shul members began to flip out-- after all, the entire purpose of a kiruv program is to welcome people into the frum community, not separate them from it. However, instead of listening to the members complaints, the Rav DEFENDED the Menachem (the moron) and persuaded them it was in their best interest to allow the second minyan.

Why was Menachem defended? Not because the Rav is dumb (because he isn't), but because the Rav, like all the Rabbeim has an agenda - and his agenda is to make the entire frum world "black-hatter" and eventually "yeshivish." And he feels the only way to make the members black-hatter is to give in to all the demands of the other black hatters in the shul.

This type of stuff makes me sick!

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