Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Guest Post by "Orthodox Zoro" on Fairness

Due to the fact that I’ve been busy lately, the amount of time I spend blogging has decreased (as if that needed mentioning). Someone had asked me if they could guest post, and I decided that branching out was definitely a good idea. I was also thrilled that this particular person wanted to write about fairness, about

I’d like to welcome you to a guest post. Enjoy-


If the Sisterhood of a shul has a luncheon or any type of fundraising event, all of its proceeds go to the shul.

If the shul itself has any sort of fundraising event like the Melava Malka, all the proceeds go to the shul.

If the Russian program has an event at the shul, all proceeds go to the Russian Program.

Is that fair?

Why is it that the Russian program gets away with lining its own pockets and only “donating” to the shul once a year in a form of a “Kiddush?”

-Orthodox Zoro


Jewish Critic said...

Orthodox Zoro

this place sounds like it is very dysfunctional

orthodox zoro said...

Jewish Critic-

Not only do I agree with your comment but the powers that be allow them to use the shul's facilities 24/7 without paying rent and the powers that be in the shul consider it a blessing when they make one donation a year for a minimal sum. Not only that, but the head of the program is without a doubt enriching his own pocket from the proceeds.

iCare said...

This is a very strong accusation...Any evidence. You should call the police... What is this place?!

Jewish Critic said...


Based on the initial post there’s nothing criminal mentioned. The only thing wrong is how one part of the organization can use funds to reinvest it for their program while other parts of the organization cannot.

If the head of the program is "enriching his own pocket" like Orthodox Zoro says then I hope he/she has proof to back it up or else it is just Orthodox Zoro's perception.

Moshe said...

Hold on, they don't actually pay for the place?! WTF?!

My shul used to be in a Young Israel's basement but we paid rent!

Do they at least pay for utilities? What do they collect money for if they don't have expenses?!

lars sh said...

because, they think, wel,, Hashem says they are pIGS!

Mikeinmidwood said...

There is a difference between the sisterhood of the shul, the shul itself, and a seperate russian program. The sisterhood probably gets funds from the shul anyway so it doesnt matter where the money goes, the shul is the shul so it gets the money. A russian program not run by the shul should indeed get the money it makes, its not like the shul supports the russian program, only it holds a meeting for it (is that what it is?, because I really dont know). Based on this I can ask you a question. If you own a store and you have a worker come in to help at the cashier, you make the money and not the worker (you pay him but he doesnt get the money from the cashier, same thing with the sisterhood). If you have someone who you are not paying come and show off a product ( lets say its not on the market yet but available right then and there in your store and being sold by this person showcasing it) than if anyone buys the product the money goes to the one who is showcasing this product and not you, you may charge them a fee for having it in your store but you cannot take the money they make.

Now I am not sure about whats going on with this shul and the russian program, but from my understanding there doesnt seem like a problem for the russian program to take the money it makes.

frumskeptic said...

I'm going to speak for Orthodox Zorro, because I have no patience to wait for him to finally respond, so I'm just gonna do it.

mike- I'm not going to get into your whole analogy, but here is a response to this:
" russian program not run by the shul should indeed get the money it makes, its not like the shul supports the russian program, only it holds a meeting for it (is that what it is?, because I really dont know). "

The Russian program is a kiruv program which was SPECIFICALLY designed (and voted for my the shul members according this purpose) for one reason and one reason only- to continue on the growth of the shul. THe neighborhood is majorly populated by Russian Jews, and the american crowd is moving to other areas. To keep the shul young it needs to attract YOUNG families, and that means- the Russians (cuz they live here overwhelmingly). So the shul elected to have a specific program designed to get russians into the shul.

Something is fishy, cuz I cannot fathom why they'd be stupid enough to give him (the Russian "Rabbi") his own minyan and his OWN funding.

so, in reality, THe Russian program, as elected by the shul congregants, is just as much a "shul" program as the sisterhood or anything else. But well... people have their theories on whats doing with their money.

Moshe- No, they don't pay rent. THey're leeches- One of the major problems, cuz just a few yers the shul board rejected allowing a Sephardi minyan (WHO WOULD PAY RENT!) from using the room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!