Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My uncle's wedding

So my uncle got married on Sunday... to a shiksa.

We didn't go to the wedding. It was in a church. My uncle asked us to please at least go to the reception, but really... what's a reception if you don't participate in the ceremony?

And so... we didn't go to the wedding. We didn't even really feel as if we missed much, after all, when we went to the fiance's shower we felt totally out of place.

I was browsing facebook earlier today. Lo and behold my uncle was tagged in a few of the photos in an album dedicated completely to his wedding. I went and looked through the photos.

1- the "church" wedding, was literally something that would've made me vomit had I been unaware and attended the ceremony. The "chupah" was held in the front of the church (that would be the alter?) right UNDER a *huge* cross, with, you guessed it, a Jesus hanging from it.

2- My uncle was standing there in a frikkin KIPPA!!
I mean really... REALLY!?! I'm all for open minded and all that nonsense, but even a reform person can't JUSTIFY standing under an IDOL performing a traditional ceremony with a man there in a KIPPA!

But NOOOOO... The "rabbi" was a dumba$$ who said that a Jew being in a church was ok as long as he was wearing a kippa.

3- The people at that wedding made me REALLLLLLLY happy I'm not very close with my new aunt's side. The way they dressed is not just immodest (which doesn't bother me much), but was literally indecent. IT was like beach dresses. I've been to nice non-religious weddings, where the girls wore nice chiffon teeny dresses or taffeta or silk. but at least the material was classy. At this wedding, it's like they threw s/t on that was in the dress category, and felt it was appropriate. They looked as if they were at the wedding in a beach cover-up outfit.

4- At her shower I met a reaaaaaallllllly distant relative. A relative that not only had I never met, but my mother had never met either. Anyway, my grandma has always been telling us that this relative (let's call her Devora) was frum. We knew exactly how "frum" she was when we were told she had THREE sets of dishes... 2 for kashrus purposes (1 meat, 1 dairy), and one for when she feels like eating traif.

At this shower my family was given kosher food, while Devora said she'll eat "dairy" at the place. Fine, no problem. Not everyone cares and I certainly don't. She just really bothered me because she kept talking about her own stupid family as if people she had just met really care that much!
Oh... and then of course, this same "frum" relative was found in the very SAME facebook photo album. Standing there in the VERY same picture in the church with the chupah under the idol was this "FRUM" relative!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know ... eat what you want, dress how you want. But don't frikkin pretend to be frum and not even be remotely bothered by the fact that not only was he marrying a shiksa (one can claim to be open minded), but he was performing a pretty holy ceremony in front of an IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AN IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't fathom what a frikkin idiot this woman is. I'm trying to figure out who bothers me more in all this, Devora for attending the ceremony or the "rabbi" for approving it.


Moshe said...

I can't fathom what a frikkin idiot this woman is. I'm trying to figure out who bothers me more in all this, Devora for attending the ceremony or the "rabbi" for approving it.

Maybe it was the same person? ;-)

frum single female said...

aside from being gentile, is your uncle's wife a nice person? im not endorcing their union, im just asking.

frumskeptic said...

yup. she happens to be a very nice person.

Anonymous said...

Aaammaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzing that some "shiksa" gentile idol-worshipping whatever GOD made creature would even invite you to their wedding! What was SHE thinkin' anyway??!
L'chayim, Frumela.

chici said...

Anonymous - what are you lashing out at? Nobody is being mean to anyone.

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmm...let's start with an easy one. Moshe: frikkin' idiot woman, "rabbi". Frum skeptic? A little more: frinkking idiot, church/vomit,"alter" with a question mark, frikkin' kippa,justify,idol, dumba$$ rabbi, indecent vs classy, marrying a shiksa, and the coup d'etat: under an idol..,*repeat*

So WHO is being mean here?

Moshe said...

yo mama!

Stop hiding behind "Anonymous" you wuss!

Rabbi Lars Shalom said...


me said...

wow, what a vitriolic post!

you were invited to the wedding of two people who are in love, two people who wanted to share that love with family and friends. instead of offering congratulations, you bitch about it on your blog.

some people have different views from you, some people are not as religious as you, some people wear different clothing from you.

that is no excuse for the bitchy (verging on racist) tirade that you've just treated us all to.

ps. if you're going to say "dumbass" (and dumba$$ clearly means dumbass) just SAY IT.

Anonymous said...

meh ...

We had a pagan ceremony with the Star of David emblazoned for all to see. Really didn't matter that the symbol of another religion was paramount - we were getting married!

I have enjoyed your blog, but this one seemed a tad vinegary to me - imho

It is a wedding - happy, happy happy anyway one slices it!!

Just me :D