Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Don't want it to rain, don't buy a raincoat!

The following is a letter to the Editor. It was published in the Yated, in December I think (I randomly browse the paper). THe comments is from a friend of mine on the bottom:

Dear Editor,

Have you noticed that it has been raining every shabbos recently? Just a thought on the matter.
A story is told about a Rav Elazar Shach zt"l who was once asked if women should learn CPR so that they can respond and act in a situation in which a child would need it. Rav Shach said not to learn it, beacause Hashem does not put a person in a situation that he cannot deal with. If they were to know CPR, new situations would occur where they would, chas vashalom, have to administer it.
Ever since the invention of the new raincoat/garbage bag, we have noticed more and more rain over shabbos. In the past rain on Shabbos meant weekday hats, insufficiently warm raincoats, going to a shul close by, etc. Now all that has changed.
Perhaps, if we were to cut back on purchasing these deluxe rain slickers, the rain would slow down.
P.S. Enjoy the forecasted rain this Shabbos too!
Drenched in Lakewood

Heres what I think:

According to this logic, Jews should no longer be doctors nor should they be searching for cures for cancer cuz then it'll just cause more illness- because Hashem wouldn't give us anything we couldn't handle. And of course there should be no jewish tzedaka organizations because if there's no way to provide for the poverty stricken then we'd never have to deal with poverty.

The reason we're supposed to learn is so we get closer to g-d and have more kedusha and to avoid falling to the temptation of our yetzer hara, but if we stop preparing ourselves for those situations then we'll never come in contact with tumah/sin.

My life just took a turn- im just gonna sit around and do nothing all day so that I have nothing to deal with!

Ahh- the flawless logic of Yated readers!


cluelessme said...

That's the most ridiculous logic I've ever heard! Not yours. The person who wrote the letter to the editor. Where do people come UP with these things?!?!

Anonymous said...

Not to mention, I've found that whenever I am actually prepared for the rain, it consistently fails to rain. Therefore, we should all stock up on rain gear! :-)

frumskeptic said...

cluelessme- No idea... some wild imagination! lol

anonymous- THat happens to me too!
Stocking up on rain gear it is!

tesyaa said...

The CPR psak, if it's real, is scary.

frumskeptic said...

tesyaa- Heck yea! thats pretty scary!

Its one thing to have "emunah" its another to completely disregard reality!

SubWife said...

I sincerely hope that the CPR psak was either misquoted, imagined or misunderstood.

Moshe said...

By same token, having rabbis is also asking for trouble.