Monday, January 7, 2008

"Proof" the IDF is racist

Read this!! Some idiot won a prize for proving that the IDF really is racist, because they do NOT rape "palestinian" women. That's right, do NOT rape them!
The logic goes something like: Because it is normal for soldiers to rape and the IDF soldiers do NOT rape, they must therefore be racist.
Brilliant, I know. I bet this researcher would be far from "pushing rocks up hills" in my fantasy world.


Jessica said...


frumskeptic said...

wow is an understatement!

ure fave commentor :-P said...

what is this world coming to???? this is utterly pathetic!

Anonymous said...


Love your blog!

Yehudi Hilchati said...

A word of caution. We shouldn't take crackpots like this guy and his supporters and tar the entire Israeli left wing with the same brush. Most leftists in Israel, I am sure, would view this paper as ludicrous as we do.

Interesting - rape came up in another context of Israeli politics recently. another crackpot, David Landau, editor of Ha'aretz, recently said, in a meeting with Condoleezza Rice that Israel needed to be "raped".: