Sunday, January 18, 2009

The age old question goes "Can Gd create a boulder so big that He Himself cannot move it?"

It's supposed to be the question that stumps the believer, because if Gd is an omnipotent being, than He should never be challenged by anything, not even a huge boulder. Yet, if He cannot create a boulder then He *is* infact limited and no longer all powerful.

Here goes the modern day, post-Idiocracy question,

"Can Gd create a being so stupid, that Gd Himself cannot grasp it's stupidity"

And my belief is "yes, Gd can" simply because Gd is a good being and He supposedly allows people to have free choice.

If Gd exists (and I happen to beleive He does) then I really hope that Moshiach is seriously on his way, because I fear for the survival of normal frummy-hood (not that there is much left) if we continue on our path of reproducing in full-speed, while not-educating our kin in anything other than how to cheat the system in using Section-8, welfare, food stamps, WIC and so on.

Frum people are not here to survive on instinct, we're not animals, we're here to survive on intelligence and education, and a bit of tradition. "Cheating the system" implies that we only have one system, the problem is, us Jews are kicked out every few generations, and our system changes. We can't rely on cheating systems to survive, we need to learn and educate ourselves... yet we don't.

We're stupid. Instead of educating ourselves by investing in good yeshiva education (both "secular" -math/logic, sciences as well as "Jewish") we focus our efforts on turning people frum, who probably should just not be frum.

Think about it, if someone is born frum, their basis to remain frum is probably more solid than some hobo that became frum because they saw pretty silverwear on shabbos (come on! buy a set of silverwear and start friday night meals in a secular fashion! if that made you frum, you're fickle).

I just don't get it. We have a parnassa crisis which causes the tuition crisis. If instead of investing money towards turning people frum, we spent it to KEEP education we already have going (help the schools out, so the tuition crisis would no longer be a crisis), we'd have a more stable frum foundation, amongst the FFB's and the BT's who didn't have their emotions messed with to turn frum.


KT said...

Oh wow! This is quite deep...

I wonder, does it take $$ to turn people frume? (Maybe I missed smthing lol)

frumskeptic said...

Each year a crazy amount of money is thrown at different organizations to help make people frum.

Mikeinmidwood said...

This system can be compared to a pot that has a hole, and to fill it up you pour lot of water, you dont notice how much is coming out, and yet you keep putting in.

Moshe said...

You forgot to add a title.

How about 5 organizations collecting for same cause and spending half the money or more on internal expenses.

Dave said...

Well of course they have expenses, you don't expect to deny someone a parnossah do you?

And you can't have just one organization, you'd take away the kavod of the people who started the other organizations.

Where is your heart?

Child Ish Behavior said...

You miss one point: we want everyone to be Frum. There are no people who we can rightfully say don't belong in the club.

You get a car, you get a car, everybody gets a car.


nmf #7 said...

ProfK had a post on this- about funneling money to tzedakah institutions that spend a lot of it in internal expenses.
And yes, there is an education problem- but some yeshivos are trying to work on that by offering other alternatives, or training. Take Ner Yisroel's excellent college program for example. I know for a fact that further secular education for girls (not just college or masters, but ph.d., doctoral, M.D. and so on) is more and more accepted, due to the fact that there is a parnassa crisis.

So people are working on it- despite the fact that we have problems with money now- eventually, something will happen and the system will tilt a bit.