Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama's Inaugration

Obama's inauguration was today, and what do we have to show for it?

170 million dollars in spending, with no crazy liberals complaining. When Bush took office and his spending was not even half this amount, all the crazy liberals went crazy, "It's a recession, how could you spend so much?" And now, we are supposedly in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, and the liberals are in their private Jets, simultaneously crying about the crazy conservatives who drive SUV's who don't take their bikes to work.

What else? He is the first ever elected president with a political scandal before he even made it into office.

Yay for the country :-/.

Not saying *he* is responsible for anything that had anything to do with Blagojevich, but he definitely should've condemned the bozo, not been like "We have one president at a time" on like every issue ever presented.

But whatever, let's not lead this into a political discussion. I'd like to share random dumb things I've heard in reference to the Inauguration.

1- At a wedding one of my friends said "OMG, the country just elected a Muslim into the white house! Watch him get sworn in on a Quran" (I heard similar type from at least 3 other people since).

- I wonder if anyone was shocked that he didn't actually get sworn in on a Quran.

2- After the Inauguration, one lady started talking about how the stock market plummeted while Obama was speaking. So this other lady goes "I thought people liked him!"

No sweety, its the people who *don't* actually have anything to lose that like him.

Same lady goes "I'm sure it will get better, he has a lot of hope."

That's right...Hope!

Why don't you just sing the HaTikva. Seriously! HOPE can get us through anything *rollseyes*

That's right. I can hope for money, and then it will appear... why does this sound freakishly like a kollel nation? The few rich people will support everyone, while the system goes completely bankrupt?

And you know what, I would love this guy to succeed, I truly would. My success, depends a lot on the success of this country, and this country depends on Obama's success (kill me now!).

If he doesn't succeed, well took a Carter to get a Reagan.

Pray people, pray.

P.S... isn't Moshiach supposed to come now?


Mikeinmidwood said...

for moshiach you will have to see my post. I have heard the Quran joke today.

frumskeptic said...

the Quran thing, unfortunately, was not said as a joke.

The girl who said it at the wedding was dead serious, the others not quite sure. :-)

Anonymous said...

ROFL at your post. Unfortunately that's the world some people live in. Some of them think Obama is going to pay their mortgages and medical insurance.
On the upside, he seems to be moving a bit to the center. If he's smart, he'll keep in touch with Bush and Cheney. On the other hand, he appointed Hillary as Secretary of State and that is really, really horrifying.

Ichabod Chrain

nmf #7 said...

Very well said post. It's funny, how when Obama suggested a over 800 billion dollar stimulus package- everyone cheered, while when Bush said, how about 700 before I leave- everyone thought he was asking for too much money.
It's too scary in the world right now.
And- weird question- Obama's father was Muslim, so does he consider himself Muslim, as they go by patriarchal lineage?

Anonymous said...

This whole Obama as a Muslim thing really ticks me off. If someone doesn't care for his political ideas (or lack thereof) that is a completely legitimate reason not to like him. But this whispered fear in frummy circles that Obama is a secret Muslim is just embarrassing. I was horrified to learn that the teachers entrusted with my kids' education actually believe this. They are waiting for the day he reveals himself to the world as a secret jihadist warrior. No joke. Honestly, how much more clear does the guy have to make it that he is a Christian?

Anonymous said...

You a incorrect when you stated "No sweety, its the people who *don't* actually have anything to lose that like him."

I work in a large finance firm (that is actually still standing) - my colleagues and I have a lot to lose, and yet we still voted for him.

David said...

It's nice to see that not everybody has been drinking the purple Kool Aid...

frumpunk said...

You're a professional cynic but your hearts not in it. :/

Moshe said...

There's one sure way to find out if he's a secret Muslim. Ask Monica to find out if he's circumsized.

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

Re: Hope- In one of his more famous speeches Obama once said "We've been warned against offering the people of this nation false hope, but in the unlikely story that is America there has never been anything "false" about hope!". So there! ..I have that "there's nothing false about hope" line stuck in my mind..

From the "yes we can" song:

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

The "Muslim thing ticks me off" too; what does being Muslim mean to Jews? ..actually, traditionally, Muslims have been much nicer to the Jews than Christians. It's the Whites we have to worry about! We thought they liked us in Europe. ..I guess they didn't really. least most Americans don't even hide their "Jew conspiracy theory" ideas...(that "Israel Lobby" book is a bestseller)..

Anonymous said...


While we're on the topic, you might be interested in Iowahawk's take on the celebrity Obama pledge:

(Warning don't have anything liquid near your keyboard when you're reading it.)

Oops, tried to do it as a link, but sometimes my computer doesn't want to do links.

Ichabod Chrain

frumskeptic said...

Anonymous- "I work in a large finance firm (that is actually still standing) - my colleagues and I have a lot to lose, and yet we still voted for him."

Clearly you're a doofus, or just realy have nothing to lose. ITs more than just losing a job, its losing money in investments, and all that estate tax and stuff.

You're either a doofus, or an uneducated hobo.

David- No, I don't drink purple kool-aid :), just the non-poison kind. ;)