Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mixed events

My fiance and I went to my friends vort and he was bored out of his mind. The vort had separate sections for the men and women. It was divided by a table in the middle. Basically, there was no reason to have the separation at all. Everyone was able to see everything. The only dilemma was with speaking, because since the hall was very narrow, it would've been selfish to speak over the separation table.

The real issue isn't the speaking... the issue here is, why even bother with separate sections. What difference does it make? One lady there passed her baby to her husband. Another lady took her husbands drink from him (he didn't like it, so she finished it). Whats the point? Aside from that, shmorgasboards at the weddings tend to be fully mixed, not even with a table separation, so how is that different from a vort? Why can the shmorg be together, but not the vort?

I've been to multiple weddings with separate seating and dancing and what not. But the woman's section was almost always the section closest to the entrance (which makes sense, the couple has to run through those doors, and its easier for the girls with shtick). If the woman's section is the closest to the doors, that means the men have to pass the women to get to their seat, which totally and completely defeats the entire purpose. The guys see the woman anyway- the dancing and all that... whats the point?

Point of the story? Have mixed events, this way you're consistent and a potential shidduch could come from it.

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Moshe said...

Since when does anything that frummies do make any sense?

I tend to spend my time on the women's side. That's where the good food is.