Wednesday, July 21, 2010


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Online Doctoral Programs

-I dont even know how this works, but I guess THANK YOU to whoever nominated me, or voted for me, or whatever it took :)-

and congrats to all the other winner :)


Moshe said...


Looks like you joined in on the fun with blogger's new layouts. Yidsense ad is messed up in chrome. Other than that, nice.

Anonymous said...

Apologies for raining on the parade, but this is a scam designed to steer traffic toward a shady site offering online "degrees."

mlevin said...

Anonymous - how is that a scam?

frumskeptic said...

moshe- i'm glad its only messed up on chrome. i was trying to get it all fixed, and now i dont really care. lol.
i mean, i use chrome, but i'm not gonna drive myself nuts.

anon- thats why people give rewards. clearly they think I can potentially give them enough traffic for THEIR motive. Since when is any motive, ever, not a selfish one?