Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lately my family's been buying the Yated every week for shabbos entertainment purposes. And when I say entertainment, I mean it. Basically, I read the articles out loud, and we make fun of the new "trends" in the ultra-orthodox community. We mostly focus on the "Readers Write" forum, because it is the most entertaining. As I read out loud, I stop and make sarcastic comments which point out the fallacies with the logic used in their arguments.
The following is my rant, not on a letter, but on an article that caught my attention. This article discusses what Jewish music is. The article itself is about 2 pages long, here is the quote that that irritated me most.

(all quotes taken from Yated Ne'eman)
"Sure thats Jewish Music"
by Rabbi Yossi Rosenberg

"Any person involved in chinuch will attest to the fact that when a boy or girl begins a downward spiral in their commitment to Yiddishkeit, r"l, the first and most direct adverse influence on these children and teens is almost always bad music. "

Though I'm not denying the truth of this point, I wonder if the Rabbi's took into account the simplicity of attaining a radio. No matter how "frum" a family is they have a radio either in their home or in their car. And if one is still in the closet about their intense cuiriousity of the 'secular' world they cannot just come home with secular books, magazines and newspapers. They need to start off with something more subtle.


flatbush gal said...

I love reading the Yaated- pure entertainment. I SHOULD start buying it every week...

frumskeptic said...

oh yea. definitly entertaining. WE just recently subscribed, and our shabbosim have become purely joyous :)