Sunday, June 29, 2008


While randomly reading blogs my mom sounf one that discussed how many frum girls these days do not dress tzniously. The post had many comments by men. One lady came on and said something like "Men, why don't you just put on your dark glasses and not look at the women."

That line reminded me of my HS teacher who was going on for hours about the importance of tznious. She would say that men are easily tempted and it is our (the girls') job to prevent sin and to altogether help prevent them from looking. The way this is done -dress tzniously-

One girl asked the teacher "But guys look anyway, what are we supposed to do?"
The teacher replied "Well, my husband told me that when he goes out he wears sunglasses specifically NOT to look at women."

Is it only the pair of sunglasses I own or are all sunglasses only tinted yet still transparent? What the hell kinda lucky guys are these to have such stupid wives that would buy :
"No Honey, I wasn't looking at that scantly dressed woman, can't you see I'm wearing sunglasses?"

No Really?! What kinda morons are these wives? I came home that day and told my parents what the teacher said and my father was like "Hahahaha I wear sunglasses so the girls DON'T see ME checking THEM out!"

Here goes another reason why frum men do not want woman educated, they may actually gain some commonsense!

Some girls in my class applauded her for having such a great husband!


frustrated frummie said...

what about those guys that find the tznious of a girl to be sexy. i mean arent people more like to look at a girl who dressed b'tznious and wonder what she would look like in tight clothing or furthermore without them. i mean i just dont get how girls are supposed to dress tznious while no matter how they dress there is always going to be men that are going to think about them the second they pass by them in the street so here is my solution to this problem...and it does include sunglasses...the men from now on should walk with their eyes looking up at the sky (here is the point of the sunglasses for during the day) i mean is that what this world is coming to??? furthermore the wives are just a bunch of baloney for actually believing their husbands and that lame excuse as for them "not" looking at the other woman....oh and fs props for ur dad for at least admitting that he looks although i bet u were a bit disturbed to find out this little tid bit lol!!

MyThoughtsExactly said...

Handicap the men for a change...
let them wear blinders or "kosher 'chutz" radar glasses if they can't see a woman without getting turned on.

frumskeptic said...

frustrated frummie: not really disturbed. My dad says annoying things all the time. I'm used to it.

MTE: lol :)
I'm all for handicapping the men

Moshe said...

Halfway through I was thinking the same thing as what your dad said. Great minds think alike. :-D

David said...

I think it's phenomenal that women can be made to bear all the responsibility for the (supposed) weakness of men.

By the same logic, thin people should not be allowed to eat dessert, as this might tempt people who are dieting. Any store that sells alcohol should be shut down, because it could tempt people with drinking problems. Jewish men who actually work for a living and make nice salaries should be forced to live in squalor so they don't tempt kollel boys away from their learning. People who don't keep cholov yisroel should be forced to pretend to keep it.

Moshe said...

Btw, middle income people are forced to live in squalor because of making too much to qualify for aid and too little to live normally.

DYS said...

Ideally, women should stay inside all the time so no men would see them. But then they wouldn't be able to work and support the men in kollel. What a conundrum!

I know - let's create seperate societies for men & women. Seperate seating at weddings is a good beginning, but women should have their own supermarkets, workplaces, etc. They should sit in a separate room for shabbos meals and only daughters under 12 can serve food to the men.

But we'll still have a problem with teenage Bais Yaakov girls walking to school on the streets, where men might look at them. Therefore we should build tunnels for the girls to walk through and just in case, the girls should wear beekepers outfits over their clothes (adapted into skirts, of course).

Moshe said...

One word, burkas.

David said...

"Btw, middle income people are forced to live in squalor because of making too much to qualify for aid and too little to live normally."

Baruch Hashem!

frumskeptic said...

DYS: That is hilarious :)

U are so right. haha. Tho I like Moshe's burka thing better than bee-keeper. Easier to say ;)

and tehy already have a separate seating restuarant in Monsey, and separate shopping in B'nei Brak

Anonymous said...

Its true, any guy near you wearing sunglasses is checking you out, especially if they're mirrored.

Maybe your teachers were talking about reverse-sunglasses, which is where girls walk around wrapped in giant pieces of uv-protective plastic.

They protect you from both ultraviolet rays and ultraviolet eyes.

The Babysitter said...

FrumSkeptic: that was a great post, I didn't even think of it till you mentioned it, but that is so true. Its actually freaky to talk to someone with sunglasses for that reason, they can see you, but you can't see their eyes or where their looking.

In HS my teacher said that her son would take off his glasses when he walked in the street, that would make a little more sense, cause he really can't see without them, he could only see close, so he can see enough to walk without bumping into anything. But then again for those that don't have glasses, this shouldn't mean that all men have to purposely get bad vision to only be able to see close.

Frustrated Frummie: what I get from it all, is that as long as you do your part and dress tzniusly and everything then you don't have to worry about what other people think.
Also, tere's a difference between attractive and attracting. Your allowed to dress nicely that's attractive, but it shouldn't attract others attention. Non tznius clothing are not tznius because they are known to attract attention.
I mean, why is it that instinctively you feel certain things are immodest. You won't go to the door in your bathrobe when a stranger comes to the door, because of fear. So same way, you shouldn't want to wear clothes that show too much and will cause people to have bad thoughts and may take action.
There are always exceptions, and even if you do dress properly people may still look and do things. But then its not your fault, you did your part.

Ike said...

Isn't the point of sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes so you can see better without squinting?

I hate Jews... but not jewish girls... though I wish i could see them through this dark lens....

Anonymous said...

I'm the flip side of this coin- I actually carry sunglasses on me so my friends don't make the guys they're checking out self-conscious! And I'm a girl!