Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just dumb

The other day I was online chatting with a girl from HS. We haven't spoken in about two years, and thats mostly because we never really liked each other. I never really didn't like her, it was more of the fact that we had nothing in common. Anyway, the other day I found out two things about her, the first being that she's just really dumb (I didn't think she was very sharp, but def not this dumb) and the second that she didn't like me, while I was just indifferent to her. So anyway, what I did was, while chatting, I decided to send her a link to a previous post I had written called If I Rule the World.

The conversation went something like this:

me- Are you busy?
her- no, not really.
me- K, u wanna read something funny i had written?
her- sure

and I sent her the link. A few minutes later this girl is FREAKING out. She was literally "yelling" at me on IM (sounds funny, but come on, you can so tell someone is yelling!). And she says:

You sound exactly like Hitler! HOw can you even write something like this?? No wait! Its you, ofcourse you can write something like this. You don't understand how evil it is. And you're only saying you aren't serious, but i know you, and if it were up to you, you really would rule the world like that. And thats evil. You can't just have dumb people pushing rocks up hills. You can't separate people based on how smart or dumb they are. thats not right. YOu aren't Gd. Only gd can divide people, not man.

So I replied to her something like 'Um. Its my fantasy, I didn't say " you wanna read my political science paper?" I said "want to read something funny?'

So she goes, No, I Know you, you'd really do that.

I was like "are you seriosuly getting upset about a hypothetical situation?!"

She was like But you'd do it. thats the thing! You'd really do it like that!

So I realized that I was speaking to an idiot, and I was like "Ok, you got me, I would do it like that, I made it funny for the readers."

Then the convo ended. And I took her off my buddy list. She's still on my facebook, but thats only because of the gossip :).


Mikeinmidwood said...

Ouch. What did you do to make her flip like that.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Meaning in the past what did you do.

frumskeptic said...

nothing. All my other friends knew it was a joke.

I mean, I did like to mess with my teachers, and I did throw a fit to graduate early in HS, but I don't recall saying or doing anything that coulda made her think I'm nuts. Especially since we weren't close and I was never around her without having other friends there as well... and like I said, all my other friends knew it was a joke.

Common Sense Jew said...

Yeah, i had this same thing with a friend of mine. He is very feee with his own "objectionable" crap then he really unloads on me for soem stupid thing I said to him. Turns out he had a tough day. his is why online stuff is

A. Easier and more fun than a real interaction.
B. Pretty worthless at the end of the day IMHO, unless it leads to face to face interaction.

DYS said...

Why was she on your buddy list in the first place of you weren't very fond of her?

Anonymous said...

Very clever stuff......for someone in their late teens - I got the age right? -- sorry if not, I just mostly scan your blog.

Moshe said...

Heil, mein F├╝hrer!

To be a good dictator, you need to learn to listen to your subjects.
You see, she was concerned that you're going to make her push a very heavy rock. You should've explained to her that because she's your former classmates, you'd give her a big styrofoam rock that will only look like a real rock.

btw, my captcha word is pspussed...hehehe...

The Babysitter said...

But if you gave her a link to your blog before with a post, then wouldn't she be able to read this post too? and then it would worsen things.

But then again on IM people misunderstand each other, could be she was joking about it, you can't tell cause you can't hear/see her emotions while she's saying it.

But if she really meant what she said, then that wasn't nice on her part. I haven't read the ruling the world post yet.

frumskeptic said...

babysitter: I'm sure I didn't misunderstand her. She's an idiot. Hard core. I knew that in HS, but we were classmates, and we were always online, so it was convenient to exchange sn's.

About her possibly reading this... She's so not the type. And if she read it I don't particularly care. I have nothing against telling people what I think of them. I'm just usually nicer, and don't say the word "idiot" to a persons face, I would say it in a more gentler way. :). lol

Moshe said...

dude, that's it, I'm ordering a whole bunch of those "I'll be nicer if you'll be smarter" t-shirts. A couple for me and rest for danny, you, dina, etc.

frumskeptic said...

lol lol

I would love that shirt. :-)

I'd wear it to karate. hehe. Until I get my yellow belt, and then maybe id actually get a uniform. lol

frumskeptic said...

oh...and how much?


Moshe said...

birthday present, just let me know which size you want.