Monday, December 22, 2008

I'd be embarrased!

I [unfortunately] speak to alot of people. Some of the dumb things that come out of people's mouths are just outright embarrassing for normal people to be caught saying- never mind, doing! This post is a pretty much a compilation of stupid people stories.

Just stupid:

1- My sister came home the other day fuming about her messed up classmate. Her classmate said "You don't need to know history to be a historian." I asked my sister if the girl was high or something. My sister answered "NO! She's always like this, this is the girl who didn't know who Einstein was in10th grade, after taking a global history course, and then was proud of her ignorance on 'goyish' subjects!"

Patterson- Don't tax non-diet soda, tax new benches!:

2- There is this one lady who wanted to buy new benches. Each bench was like $1000 so all the people involved in the community didn't want to purchase the new benches unless it was an absolute necessity. Her reason for buying the new benches- Because she couldn't slide down on them! She literally had to pick up her butt and move! Oh NO!

Why NYers should shower every day!:

3- This one guy my father knows was bragging about how he always had a seat on a crowded train. What would he do? He would pick his nose, and then wipe a huge booger on one of the windows over a seat. People would [naturally] be grossed out by it, and would abandon their seats. And he would be able to get a seat! - I promise that was true!-

Sterilization should be FORCED!

4- This one lady who my parents used to be close to, was 8 months pregnant. She was out one day, walking on icy streets. She decided she didn't want to get her feet wet, so she JUMPED over a puddle!

5- lady from # 4 was cursing out her husband in the car once. My father said to her "You know, they say babies hear everything in the womb." The lady goes "YES, GOOD. The kid should know what her father is, a $*%($&#(@)!)."

Solution to bad education! Invest into hearing aids!

6- My mom bumped into an old classmate on the train. The conversation turned into one about their HS. The lady kept on saying how terrible the education at the HS was, and how it took her 6 years to graduate Brooklyn College (and then the reputation wasn't as "good" as it is now). My mother said "What are you talking about? I received a scholarship to Columbia and NYU. I was fine at the Columbia summer program, and the time I spent in NYU I was doing very well." The lady goes "YEA! But YOU were listening [in class]!"


WTH is wrong with people? How are people not embarrassed to say things like this. If Governor Patterson were to tax the Stupid, NY's budget would be in a surplus!


frum single female said...

unfortunately most people just speak .they never think before they speak.that would be too logical!

Jessica said...

Agreed. People are dumb, but the example in number 5... how does that show it? The lady was pissed at her husband so she said something stupid at the moment. Hormones aren't as easy to control when you're pregnant. (Besides, the baby cannot hear actual words while in the womb, just the sounds of voices.) While I'm at it, number 4 doesn't really show stupidity either. One jump isn't going to effect the fetus. They're very well protected in there.
But, as I said before, I agree. People, in general, are pretty dumb.

Moshe said...

Don't forget, Tora Dojo women continue sparring while pregnant. Though prob not into 8th month.

Shoulda gave 2 a board with rollers she could sit on and slide around.

Was 1 6's daughter?

frumskeptic said...

Jessica- you're rightone jump wouldn't affect the fetus...but it was icy. which was dumb cuz that made the jump not just a jump.

the thing wasn't that she cursed her husband infront of the baby but was that in front of ppl she did it and stuff. plus I thought it was just a darned funny story. my father loves telling it.

moshe- #1 is not the

Moshe said...

Maybe she's adopted?

Jessica said...

Agreed. Jumping (whether you're pregnant or not) when it is icy outside does entail being a moron.

Oh! I forgot to tell you! I was on the bus the other day and heard two frum women speaking to each other about their children's schools. One woman said something along the lines of, "I don't care so much about the academics. What's important is that they're taught proper middos." I was just thinking in my head, "Where is FS when ya need her? This would make for a lovely blog post." :-P

David said...

"You don't need to know history to be a historian."

OK, curiousity killed the cat, but would you be so kind as to ask your sister to follow up on this? I'd really like to know exactly what one does have to know to be an historian.

frumskeptic said...

Jessica- Those convo's make my blood boil!! I DESPISE people like that. They irk me to the point of insanity...errrr.

David- I asked my sister,

her friends idea of a historian is someone who records history. She seemed to leave out the aspect of analyzing history, and how it repeats itself.

To her, basically, I am a historian becuase I keep a diary, and in a few years, my diary would be considered a "primary source" of how people in today's age live. Basically, forget a PhD, keep a diary or a journal or a blog (I guess?)

Moshe said...

Let me guess, the first time she heard the word "history", she looked it up in a dictionary where it said that it's "record of past events". Then from that she derived that a historian is someone who records events and then they become the past?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully these cases were simply the 'worst of the worst'. But I gotta say, that girl your sister was talking about had a not too bad argument about what an historian does - halfway there, right?
Oh and Jessica - I've learned a lot about OB info by reading your comments!

Mikeinmidwood said...

Maybe she meant history teacher. Many history teachers, especially in frum schools, dont have a clue to anything about history.

Moshe said...

Many anything teachers in frum schools have no clue.

Dina said...

actually i think that makes you the history. The historian is the person who in a couple of hundred years will go through all your private papers and proceed to psychoanalyze you and make assumptions about the conditions of your class, your gender, and pretty much everything else. (Vividly recall huge research project in college concerning Cardinal Richelieu; was struck as to how much more I knew about him than about many of my friends.)

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I hope the booger guy doesnt look obviously Jewish/frum.

Moshe said...

Maybe he's Amish/member of ZZ Top...

Jessica said...

KT -- lol, glad I can spread my "vast knowledge" of all things OB-related. When you've been pregnant for nearly 275 days your mind can't process anything other than pregnancy related things. :-P

frumskeptic said...

punk- I never met him. Only heard alot about him.

lol...I'm with you!!! I sure hope he doesn't look Jewish. lol

The Babysitter said...

1- what did she think a Historian was?

2- wow, that's really crazy!

3- ewww! that is wrong on so many levels!

4 and 5- oysh!

6- that I can relate with a little. I used to always listen in class. One class I tuned out by. Everyone else also did, they all got A's, and I got...:-(

But it is fun to say stupid things and watch people's reactions. I do it sometimes. I actually did it recently, I was on a date, and I realized the guy wasn't from me, he was speaking all yeshivish. So I had some fun with him, I started talking about my Jewish class how we learned Gemara, he was so interested in how we learned that it was so funny.

Jessica: That would describe my school. Best middos, but not academically the best. Although I think it did a great job. But frumskeptic's school was known to be the better academic school.

FrumSkeptic: now that was funny about the historian.

Jessica: it's nice hearing all your pregnancy tidbits. But glad you had your baby!