Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I received a few comments about my last post on Jewish/Kosher TV, and so I would like to update you on the changes.

1- A fellow blogger has informed me that my idea of a Kosher TV doesn't really have anything that would interest men. To that I responded "DTV would be great for men, and plus men should be learning, not watching TV"

I don't think he was quite satisfied with that answer, but I think mikeinmidwood has found a way to make Shidduch Central fun for Jews of both genders.

2- I was informed that Devora the Explorer should really be "Morah Devora the Explorer."

I'm not quite sure why the person felt that way, but I think it is because a single non-Morah randomly exploring would be bad for finding a shidduch. It is untznius for a non-Morah to randomly go browse the world.

3- Dina has also suggested that we need some sort of crime show, like serial denim wearers or something of the sort. And so, I realised that would be an awesome idea, because men would be interested! So my thought is, is we video tape what goes on in COED and/or MODERN orthodox single-gender know...slit wearing, and denim wearing while learning gemara!

You know...something of the sort!



Mikeinmidwood said...

Thanks for the link. You could always have that off the derech show where they have BTs come and explain why they became frum. YWN will be the only news show. With guys who are barely over 25, and of course in yeshivah, give you all the biased news reports.

frumskeptic said...

mike, this can go on forever. :)

Kosher TV ideas. :)

Dina said...

Televised trials please, a la OJ. "If the skirt doesn't fit (too tightly, that is), you must acquit!"

Moshe said...

3 would only be shown at night and pay-per-view. It would also be rate Z for znus.

btw, found this great site

Anonymous said...

"2- I was informed that Devora the Explorer should really be "Morah Devora the Explorer.""

Its because his child used to have a Morah Devorah, and we never got over the amusement of this. :)
still anony :)

mlevin said...

Hey, I used to have a Morah Dvorah in school too. Only she taught high school Yivrit.

The Babysitter said...

Morah Devorah reminds me of a song, "Morah Devorah Kiss the Torah, light the Menorah"
Don't know why that comes into my head, but I remember that from elem school. Don't remember the whole thing though.