Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm NOT a softy !

Just to prove to Moshe that I'm not going to turn into a softy now that I got my ring, I will write a post just to spite him! :-p

I woke up early this morning and I saw the ring on my finger! I looked at it and remembered the world was all nice and good. Who cares about the fact that Obama is president, who cares that he wants to put this country into an even bigger debt than FDR ever even imagined putting us into, the world is still good. Moshiach is so totally on his way, because we all know, frummies know what they're talking about, all the time. ;)

My Boston relatives suddenly appeared in Brooklyn, with just a phone call last night that they were coming. And what did I do? I happily made their beds, I helped my mom clean up, and I remained happy, all because of the ring on my finger. :). Who cares that they just randomly showed up.

AHHH...that ring doesn't make me happy! Come'n, I wrote this post to SPITE Moshe, how happy could I be?


1 comment:

Moshe said...

See! The power of The One Ring already has a grip on you!

My relatives that show up with barely any warning are from New Haven, CT. Sometimes they show up without a warning. You know, driving through, by accident.