Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Softening Up

Moshe wrote up a post entitled "Fairwell to Frum Skeptic" In that post he wrote about how I'm going to go all soft and stop blogging.

Well...Moshe is unfortunately not far off, I have gone soft.

Over shabbos, during shalosh suedos, my super frummy friend made a ridiculous comment about something frummy, and what did I do?

I shook my head, said "its not worth it" and that was that.

Then I paused a bit, looked at my mom, and was like "O MAN! I"VE GONE SOFT!"

my super frummy friend laughed.

Whatever will I do?

I know...I'll read the Yated. Nothing can annoy a rational human being more than that newspaper!


Moshe said...

And when all else fails, read Mishpacha.

frumskeptic said...

hahahhaha :)

Mikeinmidwood said...

mishpacha has great life stories about everyday chassidim and their stupidity; this will surely work.

fave commenter said...

*covers head*

Oh no!! What am I going to do now!!

*runs around shrieking*

frumskeptic said...

fave commenter- :)

It wont take too long to get me back to normal. A couple more of those retarded Stimulus Bills Obama will attempt to pass, and viola, I'm an angry psycho again. :)

Heck, there's shul politics... an election was cancelled because someone tried to do something in accordance to NYS law..and the people got mad. What a bunch of idiots. :-)