Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Color Black

I am writing this post because its "make yourself a better person" season and I found one GOOD way to look at something the frum girls do, that I would normally look at as very negative.

Today a buddy and I went to a shuir at Ohr Naava. Yes...Ohr Naava. I do hate the place, its makes me sick that so many girls from my HS regularly roam the place in hopes of attracting a shadchan...but well...someone asked me to go with them on a mission to do some good, and so I went. Normally I would make fun of the many weird and interesting things I saw and heard, but today, I'll control myself.

One of the things my buddy and I recognized (she happened to be loud about it) was that EVERYONE was wearing black but us and a few other people. So really, we stood out. It was like the sporadic WHITE sheep amongst the black (Go figure I'm NOT the black sheep for once...hehe)

Anyway, anyway...I'm sitting at the shuir, practically oblivious to what is going on since the themes of these tshuva shuirim are always the same (Yom Kippur is an annual check up, you can't just wait 1o years to go for a cleaning) and I'm thinking about the fact that everyone is wearing black. And it occured to me that I can't really criticize them. Black is just an awesome color, and it happens to not be exclusive to frum conformism, its like everyone's. Black is like the universally accepted color for dress.

Black is slimming, as well as sexy. There is hardly ever a "little red dress." Also, these girls really never know when a shadchan will be around, and the wrong outfit can totally kill their chances of finding a decent shidduch if they aren't dressed right. I mean, imagine this girl just spent her day as a morah, then at Touro. During the day she ate a slice of pizza and a salad, and she spilled a bit of her coffee on her top. A black shirt will NOT show the coffee stain, nor will it show the wrinkles almost every shirt gets after being worn the entire day.

Now, I heard that Ohr Naava has secret shadchanim. So imagine these girls, with their busy work and school schedules, now have to run to Ohr Naava to hear shuirim and potentially impress shadchanim, how are they to do so without wearing something that will NOT be destroyed by their hectic schedules?

Well..there ya go...they wear black. So whats wrong with black? Nothing. These girls have a point. Though I would lay off on the black at weddings -they're simchas-stop the gloom!


Lion of Zion said...

eh, black is boring

Mikeinmidwood said...

black is old Dark Dark Blue is in.

Moshe said...

Take one frummy girl, add black nail polish and lipstick, nose ring, lip ring, tada.
Btw, do that when you go to shul and tell your rabbi you're trying to look more frum. ;-)

frumskeptic said...

Moshe- hahaha

You can't wear lipstick on shabbos tho. :'( and I dont see my rabbi much aside from that. lol.

Moshe said...

Huh? You can't put it on or you can't wear it? You can put it on on Friday.

frumskeptic said...

YOu can't put it on.

And if i put it on friday itll fade by shabbos day

Joodah said...

They should make frum porn like teenhitchhikers.com but with frum girls walking the streets of monsey and a good samaritan gives her a lift aka bow chika wow wow.

Instant seller!

The Babysitter said...

FrumSkeptic: I'm so proud of you for seeing the possitive in something you see as bizarre!

I didn't know people go there to attract a shadchan, I thought it was all single girls there.

"Go figure I'm NOT the black sheep for once...hehe"


About the topic at hand, black clothes, I just love the color black, but during the weak I barely wear black, except for black skirts, which I used to never own any, I bought my first week day black skirt for my first HS school shabbos. But for shabbos clothes, their practically all black, my mother encourages me to by colorful stuff, but it's just so hard to find. black is safe. Although with my kids it would be easier to buy them colorful stuff cause I won't actually have to wear it. I can say some clothes people wear are beautiful, but yet it doesn't suit my personality so I wouldn't wear it.

and I never liked navy, I'm so sick of navy, I will never wear a navy thing again. But I do love blue stuff.