Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Random Debate Stuff

1) Obama said if you make less than $250,000/yr your tax will not go up. He went on making a list of different taxes that will not go up, and he said that the capital gains tax will not go up.


Since when is capital gains based on income?

2) Barack Obama wants to make college education more readily available to the average American. However, if more people go to college, the prestige behind the college degree will not mean anything anymore. So throwing money into more education isn't going to provide anything, just take away the value of something. Kind of like if you allow more diamonds available to the public- their value decreases.

example- Nowadays it is almost impossible to get a decent job with only a Bachelors. Most people go for Masters now because the Ba/Bs is no longer a big deal, and that is because of people who think EVERYONE is entitled to "higher" education.

Nope...people aren't entitled to anything. If you aren't willing to invest in yourself by taking out a loan, the government shouldn't have to pay up for you, unless the government sees you as a good investment. Meaning- MERIT based scholarships, not income based ones. Brilliant people deserve government funds (they will end up inventing/developing all the stuff that will bring money to the country).

3) Obama said that McCain's campaign was 100% negative with his ads.Ok well, Mr. Obama, how about how you sent reporters into Alaska to dig up dirt on Sara Palin and the fact that you lied about McCain's position on stem cells (as he pointed out in the debate).

AND...ABC Factcheck proved that many of McCain's ads had not been negative.

4) Dude, you're either with them or against them. You hang out with TERRORISTS.- William Ayers IS a terrorist, his organization planted bombs into the pentagon because they were against the Vietnam War.

Btw...Bill Ayers is the guy who was quoted as saying he didn't do enough.

-if you are a pacifist, why the f*ck are you bombing any place?-
- I would say the same thing about Republicans who attack Abortion Clinics.

5) - ACORN- The fact check is, is that Obama did give money to ACORN. At the end of the debate ABC news even found that his campaign gave money to an affiliated group which gave money to ACORN.


BTW- I normally do not like bringing up politics on this blog because I get very worked up with the arguments. So I'm telling you this right now, I will most likely NOT debate any argument here, for the mere fact that I do not want to drive everyone at home insane.



Child Ish Behavior said...

With ya till #4, but only because you can't be judged by who your friends are. I knew people who supported Meyer Kahane, that doesn't mean that I support everything that he stood for.

It's good to know that someone is enjoying the entertainment provided by the reality TV show, I mean the election.

Mikeinmidwood said...

McCain or Obama Im undecided. I dont think anything about obama supporting this terrorist is true so maybe he spoke to him but thats it. Then there is the priest Obama was in contact with thats something to talk about.

frumskeptic said...

mike- the priest wasn't brought up in the debate (or atleast not as directly as Ayers was) so I didn't write about him.

Stacy said...

I'm Obama all the way so there's no real point in arguing this, but even putting politics aside, what you say about education makes absolutely no sense to me.
If you had your way I guess colleges would be full of selected people rich enough to cover their stupidity.
Mccain thinks Putin is president of Germany, is this the brilliance you're referring to?

frumskeptic said...

When my mom went to college she had no cash. She got into NYU and took out a loan.

Thats how I think college as well as everything should be... DO IT YOURSELF. If you're fortunate enough to have parents willing to pay for you... mazel tov, if not, being "rich" doesn't mean anything. My grandfather had the money to pay for NYU, if not fully definitely a part of it. She would've been disqualified from any form of government help. Why? Her father wouldn't have paid. Had mom filled out FAFSA she wouldn't have qualified.

As I pointed out, BA/BS is clearly not as prestiges as it used to be, and its because more people have access to it. Eventually the bleeding heart liberals will feel its "unfair" for people who cannot afford to go for Grad school, and just throw money at that, and then what? Why throw more money towards a system that is sucky to begin with?

What would that solve but sewars full of money?

My mom's former boss used to make over $300,000/yr in income plus a ton in stocks and various other investments he had. He had a PRIVATE scholarship program and interviewed students and had them write essays, and then would choose a few and fully pay for their college expenses, each year.

Obama, Biden, and many other liberals in congress make a TON more money. If they put their OWN money where their mouth is there wouldn't be as big an issue, instead they talk about fairness and take MY money away from me.

If I work hard for soemthing, I deserve to CHOOSE what I do with my cash.

Oh, and I'm not pro-McCain. Just feel he's the lesser of two evils.

Anonymous said...

Frum Skeptic,

Ata girl. Couple of minor points, though. Actually the problem with college is a, that too many people go who would be better off learning a trade and b, the more federal funding colleges get, the more colleges raise their charges.

Also federal funding usually comes with lots of strings attached, and colleges are already regulated up the wazoo.

Also the problem with Ayers isn't just his Weatherman background. He believes education should be a vehicle for social change--or rather his type of social change.

If Obama is elected watch for there to be someone like Ayers as the Secretary of Education, promulgating all kinds of top-down regulations specifying that schools have to teach an anti-oppression curriculum, and using accreditation bodies as a means of effecting this change.


Obama has been together with Ayers for over 20 years. They were involved in the Annenberg project in Chicago. That turned out to be a pc boondogle.


If you want to look at gaffes, Obama thinks there's 57 states.

Ichabod Chrain

Anonymous said...

Wow. Jewish politics haven't changed much. (speaking to a select few) GO OBAMA! He is the lesser of two evils.