Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So I got the video from a friend

And I got this from

Top Ten Changes if the Pilgrims were Jewish:

10. Indians' "How" greeting would have been answered with "I've been on a vashtinkina boat for 2 months, How do you think?"

9. The Mayflower Compact would have been brokered by Goldman Sachs and would have included Mexico and Canada

8. Breakaway minyans immediately open in Rhode Island and New Hampshire

7. Holiday of Succot would be renamed Teepees

6. Thanksgiving dinner was suppose to be veal, but there were Turkey shabbos leftovers.

5. Plymouth Rock suddenly claimed as the Musilims third holiest site

4. Thanksgiving Dinner was arranged by the Ladies Auxiliary and is still looking for a sponsor

3. Jewish geography would be used as the great ice-breaker, "Which Pocahantas? From Queens?"

2. Rubashkins' immediately hires all Indians

1. Pilgrims become automatic Members of the Tribe


Moshe said...

That is freaking awesome!!!

Vich Pocahantas? From kwins? Such a nice girl and still not married. Vat is wrong vit kids dis days. All dey vant is adventure and romance. Ven I was your age, going to the store was an adventure and if your great-grandfather would've heard me even think about romance, he'd give me such a beating.

frumskeptic said...

lol :)

your comments= awesome :-)

Moshe said...


btw, I decided to BBQ some turkey breast for tomorrow. Though I wonder if any restaurants gonna have a special. Last year we went to Grill de Paris but they're closed now.

frumskeptic said...

moshe- the new place there, the Italian one, is absolutely amazingly delicious!!!

Moshe said...

Same prices? Even with the shul discount we were getting, place was damn expensive.

frumskeptic said...

it is expensive...but I have no idea if its the same or not. I do know the portions are huge.

And if you do ever go, the Dolce Basket (appetizer) is just soooo darn good. It's like this chicken ...thats just so

Moshe said...

Used to be $25-$35 for entree.

For Italian, we like Cafe Napoli. Also like the fact that it's 2 minutes away. :-D

frumskeptic said...

but this place is fleishigs... lol

isnt cafe napoli milchigs?

Moshe said...

Yeah. Never actually went to a meat Italian. Most of the places are milk.

So is it same price? $30?

frumskeptic said...

according to the great restaurant magazine, it says $25-$38 w/o drinks.

Moshe said...

Bleh, means it's even worse. Prob also gonna be closed in a year. Great food is one thing, people paying for it is another. Grille also had good food and a perk of having people from shul own it, didn't help.

frumskeptic said...

no no...this place is just sooo much better.

I mean, i've only gone to each once, but this place IS better. The portions are bigger, and the food is just darned good.

The time I was there, it was packed...and we're probably going to go back there for my bday :-). If it doesnt get to cold, just us gals are going to go for the dessert (last time we went, we were so full on the meal, we couldn't even think of ordering dessert, so we decided to go back one day just for it)

Oy I hope they do not close that place!!

Moshe said...

Prob will. Don't forget it's competing with like 10 others within a 1 mile radius. Also, people who go out to eat on a regular basis, don't do so in expensive restaurants.

frumskeptic said...

i hope you're wrong on

Oh well. As long as it lasts till about mid-march I think we're good (gives each family member opportunity to celebrate bday there- first time we went was dads bday). :)


Mikeinmidwood said...


The Babysitter said...

The tune sounds so familiar, love it.

cute song.

Which Italian place?

Moshe said...

The tune is from "I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor

The Babysitter said...

ahh now that makes sense, I knew the words "I will survive" were familiar, lol.