Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving is coming!!

Thanksgiving is this Thursday!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

One would think I'm a huge fan of thanksgiving, but really, I'm not. I just love the fact that my company is super awesome, and not only do I have Thursday off, but I have Friday off as well!

My family isn't really big on Thanksgiving, mostly because we don't particularly like turkey (too dry). We buy it if its on sale, and make turkey soup (tastes exactly like chicken soup) and turkey meatballs and stuff, but we don't make it for thanksgiving, because we just don't like it as a whole turkey. So well...what does my family do on thanksgiving? We make Russian style ravioli, which is absolutely awesome. We make enough to last us until Pesach cleaning (so well...purim time). It's meat (we mix turkey and beef) stuffed in dough. Kinda look like won tons, but smaller.

After they're made, you cook them in a pot of water, with bay leaves, peppercorns and salt.

And we freeze ALOT of them! The freezer becomes stuffed with them, and then we have awesome meals for the cold, and exhausting days in which neither one of us wants to cook!

And so, if you guys don't like turkey... there is still an option for you! You don't have to do what my family does, but start your own tradition...after all, that is what thanksgiving is all about! :-)



Moshe said...

You can make it so it doesn't get dry but it takes whole day.

Use a high, oval roaster. Cover turkey inside and out with duck sauce. Stuff it and tie it closed. Surround on all sides by apples cut in 4, with skin. Baste every 20 minutes. Cover with foil dome, inverted V.

I made pelmeni couple times. Even have a Japanese sealer for them. You put the dough in it, add meat, close it and it seals the dough shut.

David said...

If you find turkey dry, it means you're not doing it right!

Try smoking it.

Jersey said...

Heh. And I always thought I was the only one who didn't like Thanksgiving turkey.

Moshe said...

This reminds of a woman from shul telling me that she ate bison in the city and it was tough and hard to eat. I bought the same meat and fried it with rhubarb. Guess what, was as soft as chicken.

You just gotta know how to cook game meat.

DYS said...

Potted turkey drumsticks - simmer them in sauce for a really long time and they're not dry at all. Yum.

For those of you who remember me saying I'm a vegetarian, yes, that hasn't changed. I'm just remembering how it tasted 20 years ago.

frumskeptic said...


moshe- maybe one day when I know I'll be free to cook,I'll buy a turkey just to try that recipe. I'll invite my cousins (they eat everything) just incase we still don't like it. :)

Jersey- :). You're not the only one :)!!

DYS- do you remember if it was any specific type of sauce? cuz I've got a crazy amount of BBQ sauce in the house, and maybe one shabbos I'll make it...takes less time than the whole turkey ,a nd drumsticks are not so dry.

Katie said...

Did you mean pilmeni? They are SO YUMMY

frumskeptic said...

katie- yes, that is what I meant...

they ARE so yummy!! we LOOOOOVE them :)

The Babysitter said...

I never knew what Ravioli means, sounds good.

Dave said...

Assuming your oven can do 475 wihtout setting off the smoke alarm, the Safeway 2 Hour Turkey recipe is actually extremely good.

Reliably produces moist and flavorful birds, in very short order.