Friday, February 1, 2008

Bux (tm) for Girls

This is a letter written to the Yated, last week, in response to the previous weeks letter "Shidduch Bux". I cannot figure out which idea is worse, the initial Shidduch Bux , or this one for girls...oyy...I hope this ends with the Readers Write Forum and no idiot actually makes it so far to start the registery....but it seems as though the term is TM!!!!! SO, I really have no idea, I'm beginning to think this world has gone psycho!
Have a great shabbos!

Dear Editor,
I read about the Shidduch-Bux (TM) idea with great interest. What a wonderful idea it is.

I think that Shidduch-Bux (TM) for boys is great, but what about equal rights for women in the 21st century? Why should females be left out?

How about a similar system be put in place, but this time for girls. A point structure would work something like this:

-3 points for a girl who agrees to meet initially upon receiving a boy's okay to meet and not taking advantage and usurping power once having gotten the boys "yes."

-3 points for getting back to the shadchan with either a yes or no within three days.

-5 points for every time a girl says yes to a second date.

-10 points for a yes to a third date, fourth date, etc

- 5 points to a girl who originally wanted to marry a learning boy and agrees to go out with a working boy after reaching age 26.

- 7 points for a girl whose date comes back with a report that she did not give him a hard time by responding with three word answers, but instead contributed towards making the date a mutally pleasant experience.

For the working boys and girls:
- 20 points for returning a boy's call within 24 hours instead of screening the calla nd letting it go to voicemail for three days.

Upon the girl getting engaged, these points can be redeemed for a new shaitel, a new dress, or anything of that nature.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Mr. Matchmaker


Jessica said...

Oh G-d... this almost makes me want to cry. Almost.

hesh said...

I read it too, funny but sad, is it really that bad in the yeshivish communities. I would always rather go out with girls from towns with no pizza shops then city girls. I'd be rich.

frummy and proud of it said...


Need I say more?

The Babysitter said...

Really funny...
Some of these criteria's don't even make sense!

Anonymous said...

This is Anonymous's Husband :-)

"- 5 points to a girl who originally wanted to marry a learning boy and agrees to go out with a working boy after reaching age 26."

This is my favorite part....working guys are Why earn money to buy stuff you need like "new shaitel, a new dress, or anything of that nature."

Yehudi Hilchati said...

There is no "shidduch crisis". Especially for anyone under 30. The idea of marriage being pushed on people not ready for it is insanity and a disservice to the community and to the individuals involved. (some 20 year olds may be ready, some 35 year olds are not!)

md razu Ahmed said...

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