Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The following blog "This is Zionism" disturbed me. I do not have time to post my own opinions (I really should be writing a paper), but I felt it was only right if I share it with all of you.

I didn't have time to read other posts, but I did skim, and I was seriously disturbed. After you read the post that I linked to, you should scroll down and read about the kind of antisemitism that is around.

It's scary.


Anonymous said...

This is new to you? Welcome to the internet, theres thousands of pages like it. jewwatch.com and stormfront.org are the two biggest, but they all have pretty much the same content.

Moshe said...

Jews stick together?! Since when?!
I'm Jewish, where can I get some of that Jew money?

Jewish Sceptic said...

loved your speak english post.

Very good, I've noticed the same thing in the Jewish community and am pleased to say that when I was in highschool, I had a frum french teacher who used to tell people off for saying "I stayed by Nachum over shabbos" or something.

I have a frum friend who says "do I suit this?" instead of "does it suit me?" - the implication of the first sentence being the person is subsidiary to the object, as opposed to the other way around. He doesn't seem to be able to grasp this concept and always says "do I suit it?" as opposed to the other way around.

Lastly, this reminds me of a joke: How do you stop a Jew talking? Tie up his hands.

frummy said...

"Lastly, this reminds me of a joke: How do you stop a Jew talking? Tie up his hands."

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D (I think you get the idea!)

frumskeptic said...

lol. that is one funny joke :)