Monday, May 19, 2008


Frum people never fail to amaze me. A few weeks ago my family was at someones house for shabbos. These people are the "typical" frummy BY/Yeshivishe types. Anyway, they were discussing Bison meat, which is now all the rage. Its leaner and apparently the original meat of America (or whatever that commercial says). So these people tell my mom "OMG! you should go and try bison at restuarant (don't remember the name), it's amazing."

My mom goes "really, I never tried Bison, what do they do with it at restuarant?"
They're like "Chilli"

Wow! if that isn't the BEST way for someone to try a NEW meat, but to eat it in a chili...brilliant frum people.

I couldn't resist telling this story. I have finals now, so I thought of something short to post.

Gotta love 'em frum people. Their logic is absolutely flawless, and the mastercard commercial should say something like:

"Bison meat for chulent- $8"
"A variety of Kugel- $15"
" Listening to people rave about how they loved bison (by eating it in your chulent)- Priceless"


Jessica said...

Bison meat is overrated. It's way too tough. Lamb, now that's a good [cholent :-P] meat.

frumskeptic said...


we put lamb into the chulent once, and it was reallly good :)

The Babysitter said...

I never heard of Bison meat and I never had chili before. So I can't judge.

Although my favorite meat is to have roast with cranberry sauce, it tastes delicious.

Holy Hyrax said...

This was worthy of a post??? Don't you think your cynicism is getting the best of you? When was the last time you hung out with some secular people? You think stuff like is not said elsewhere?

frumskeptic said...

HH: lol. It was so worthy of the post, simple because of the way they said it. like OMG!!!!! its BISON!

anyway... I know it was rhetorical, but i hang out with secular people.

but seriously, as much as I'm sure "secular" people say the same thing, I think its just so stupid to have left their mouths.

Plus I needed to post something, I need a tool for procrositination, this writing paper/studying thing is killing me, and if i write a post that is "normal" it'll be too long, and then I'll feel guilty for "wasting" time.

Moshe said...

Bison or buffalo? I think you mean buffalo.
Was the restaurant Levana in Manhattan? I know they have it there but they don't know how to cook it.

It comes out tough because people try to cook it the same way they cook beef. I was able to make buffalo roast that was very soft. You need to marinade the meat in something acidic or beer. Cook it on a frying pan and place around 5~6 pieces of frozen rhubarb underneath the meat. Rhubarb is very acidic. It will pretty quickly melt and form into a paste that should cover the bottom of the meat. Halfway through, flip it over so that the rhubarb has a chance to permeate into the meat from all sides inwards.

frumskeptic said...

They definitely said Bison. And I don't remember which restaurant it was.

If I every buy buffalo meat, so going to try your recipe...mmm

Holy Hyrax said...

did they say "OMG?"


"like OMG?"

Anonymous said...

your bored!
anony :)

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

Moshe and Anita; this is what seems to be written in wikipedia:

"In American Western culture, the bison is commonly referred to as "buffalo"; however, this is a misnomer: though both bison and buffalo belong to the Bovidae family, the term "buffalo" properly applies only to the Asian water buffalo and African buffalo. The gaur, a large, thick-coated ox found in Asia, is also known as the "Indian bison", although it is in the genus Bos and thus not a true bison."

I personally always say Buffalo anyway...

Moshe said...

Usually in all stores where they sold the meat they referred to it as buffalo.

Yehudi Hilchati said...