Monday, May 26, 2008

Nerd Article

This is the Nerd Article I mentioned in my post "Speak English" that I had written for my school newspaper. I remembered it being better, but I figured I'd share it anyway.

Why the Educational System is Failing

Every person strives to be the best that they can be. They want to be as smart as Einstein, play as well as Jordan, and skate as well as Sara Hughes. Einstein, Jordan and Hughes are role models for such people. Not just anyone can be Jordan, or Einstein or Hughes.

If a girl is trying out for the nationals in figure skating, and she wins with straight 6.0's, everyone would chant her name. If the girl came in sixth or seventh place no one would chant her name, because that shows she doesn't deserve the praise. If people did chant her name, no one would try hard at the sport. It takes skill and talent, and if you get applauded, and you weren't even on the podium why would you bother? If the complements and the applause come without the strive, you wouldn't strive anymore, it wouldn't be worth it. It's plain and simple human nature. The problem with the educational system is just that, the fact no one needs to strive for anything anymore, they just get applauded and complimented for doing their silly stupid things.

A few weeks ago one of my friends used the word "nerd" to describe girls cutting school. A nerd is smart, single-minded and accomplished. One that cuts school is the exact opposite. However, these girls that cut school just got nerds, so what more is there to strive for? Of course they don't want to go to school, if they're being called nerds for not coming. Why should they go, aren't they smart enough already? If they're not, they are told they are. Haven't they accomplished already? But he girls haven't accomplished anything. They weren't smart, and to cut school is not an act of a single-minded person, its usually an act of a person that can't think with their own mind.

Since the Jewish people make up the world and what they do influences the goyim then it's the fault of the Jews that the worlds education is falling apart. If they can't keep their own kids striving, how could the goyim do it to their kids? It's the misuse of words like "nerd" that cause such problems. To give another example of this outrageous misuse of the English language leading to messed up society, think about how English is spoken in our school (a wannabe good school). In real English you would say, "I don't want to go to the store either" in our school you would say "I don't either want to go to the store." Once a Jew does something wrong it's a chain reaction, it leads to all nations. Speaking incorrectly leads to them, and eventually no one is literate anymore, and poof...President GW Bush can't speak English! So don't blame bad Public Schools on the government, blame the bad public schools on your classmates. Government cannot do anything without Hashems chosen people acting chosen (speaking properly).


** The last action was not meant to be taken literally **


Holy Hyrax said...

You are making it seem like words (in any language) never take up new meanings

frumskeptic said...

the problem is, is that these people make up their own meanings. Instead of just speaking Yiddish or Hebrew, they take English and pervert it into their own usage.

FrummeYenta said...

Smack me if you may, but isn't the phrase supposed to be "better educated", not "more educated"??


frumskeptic said...


lol :)

I had a frumme english teacher look at bad! ;)

FrummeYenta said...

Oy yoy yoy ...what was her reaction?

frumskeptic said...


shook her head. Not as bad as when the assistant principal of my program read it. She was like "ANITA! I SHOULD SMACK YOU!"

lol. :)
I told her "You know I'm right"

She couldn't help buy laugh...though she was trying to smile. The lady loved me. Over pesach she gave birth to her third baby, and she called me (and no one else from the school) to tell me :)

frumskeptic said...

but* laugh :)

Orthoprax said...

"A nerd is smart, single-minded and accomplished."

I don't get it. You think 'nerd' is supposed to be intended as a compliment?

Yehudi Hilchati said...

Since the Jewish people make up the world and what they do influences the goyim

Please tell me you don't believe this nonsense that repeated ad nauseum in yeshivas

Holy Hyrax said...

>the problem is, is that these people make up their own meanings. Instead of just speaking Yiddish or Hebrew, they take English and pervert it into their own usage.

Well that has nothing to do with the Jewish Community than. This new way of referring to people as 'nerds' is everywhere. It certainly didn't start in the frum community.

frumskeptic said...

orthoprax: I didn't mean that 'nerd' was a compliment. I meant that people shouldn't misuse it, because if anything, it is more a compliment than something derogratory if its towards a normal smart girl that has friends.

yehudi: I don't beleive it. just used what the school taught to show them how their own system fails as well.

HH: The point wasn't that frummies call people nerds or geeks, the point is is that frummies completely misuse the term. They're completely messed up. My perfectly normal, not-smart friend was called a "nerd" Was like "WTF makes her a nerd?"

Its the whole system...

Anyway, I think that people had to have been either at a BY or at my HS specifically, cuz my friends (back in HS) thought that this was really cute, and they were worried I'd get in trouble, cuz i stuck the article in without allowing the assistant principal to double check. :).

Holy Hyrax said...

Well thats my point. It's not frummies misusing it, its everyone.

...if one can say its a misuse.

Moshe said...

a geek wouldn't misuse the word "nerd", that would make him a dork.

Anonymous said...

Wee bit of a contradiction between this and the last post?

And Moshes right. You'd be a spazz to do that.

FrummeYenta said...

Definition of the word nerd:

Now, does this look anything like the essay you may have due tomorrow?

Moshe said...

And here's a video about frummies,

btw, love teh beginning where he's coming over to teh car and these 2 black guys are frantically trying to lock the doors.