Sunday, September 14, 2008

Blogger meet

Childish already put a post on this, but I had half a post written, so why have it go to waste? So read HIS first (if you haven't done so already).

Thanks to Moshe there was a blogger meet with me, childish behavior, frum punk and the babysitter and one of Moshe's friends (Alan) who reads all our blogs (or atleast we hope so).

After kiddush and homotzie Moshe's very nice wife served us fish, just like at any traditional shabbos lunch meal. However, unlike any traditional shabbos meal, his wife didn't serve gefilte fish and salmon, she served something way better fried fish (not sure the type) and vobla. The fried fish didn't get any cringes from the group, except for those who didn't particularly like fish, but the vobla was the topic of discussion.

Vobla is a dried up salty fish. It is delicious. But in order to eat it you have to skin it and take the guts out on your own. I honestly have never done it before (I always had my dad peel for me), so when Moshe gave me one to help myself with, I had no idea what i was doing. Punk called me "uncultured" to which I had the brilliant response of "I am NOT uncultured" and then started laughing, and said "this is my culture" or s/t like that. To which we got into an entire discussion on how russians don't really have a culture.

In the meantime, babysitter was not eating anything at all, and Moshe was hoping that she'd eat something when the meat came out. So finally the meat came out.

So Moshe's chulent was not at all "typical"; didn't have the beans, the barely, the potato type thing, rather had a whole mix of grains, sweet potatoes and lamb. I happened to really like it. Everyone else seemed more interested in the alcohol that Moshe was showing off. Boy does the guy have a love for alcohol. But so does my dad.

Anyway. We were at moshe's house for 5.5 hours!! We discussed many different things. And I realized that everyone was pretty much the way I expected them to be. And I had loads of fun, and I just want to thank everyone for going, and a special thank you to Moshe for hosting. :-)

Next time, I'll provide pickeled watermelon. Maybe I'll actually try it. lol.


The Babysitter said...

FrumSkeptic: That was a pretty good report. :-)

Pickled watermelon?

frumskeptic said...

babysitter- yupz. pickeled watermelon. My father makes it sometimes. He used to love it as a kid. I never tried it. It looks freaky -like a soggy watermelon slice.

But my super frummy friend (who is american) tried it, and she loved it. My dad made it for her once specificallly because she was going to seminary. So she came over and had some. lol.

She tried vobla too. :-). she liked it!

The Babysitter said...

he puts pickles on the watermelon?

she must be a brave girl!

Child Ish Behavior said...

You did a much better job reporting than I did. I was going for some sort of nonsensical point of blogger community. You told it how it was, fish and booze and a nontraditional chulent. Thanks for the link.

frumskeptic said...

childish- i liked yours better. The nonsensical thing made it more humurous. Plus i agree with you that there IS a blogger community.

Reporting is only fun for those that like dry stuff. :)

frumskeptic said...

babysitter- no. lol. he doesnt put pickles in the watermelon. he pickles the watermelon.

As in he puts watermelon into a huge tupperwear with water, then puts in a variety of spices and ALOT of salt and waits a few days, then puts it in the fridge. The stuff lasts forever

The Babysitter said...

Childish and FrumSkeptic: they were both good in their own way!

o, and yea FrumSkeptic: thanx for the link!

ahh I see, but then it probably won't be sweet, and it looses the natural properties of watermelon. I've never seen spices put on fruits before, I don't think. That's so interesting though.

frumskeptic said...

"interesting" is definitly the word I would use to describe it. lol

frumskeptic said... didnt try it eitehr. Says the thought isnt appetizing ONE bit.

Moshe said...

I've trying to get Meyer of Meyer's Bakery on J and 14th to make one for me for months.

I'm glad everyone enjoyed it. For some more non-traditional fun, how about having another meet on sukkot and smoking narghile (hukka) in the sukka. Unless we move into a building w/o a sukka before then. We can also do it on Rosh Hashana and I'll also have a sheep's head then.

frumskeptic said...

I just told my dad to go out and buy watermelon. We'll have him pickle it for rosh hoshanah. We don't really do the "sweet" stuff. We're not that into it, we go for salty and spicey.

Though this year we're making this awesome chicken that is stuffed with apples and a few other sweet things.

realistic viewer said...

The kiddush in shul wasnt nearly as interesting. :)

Moshe said...

Kiddush club is but nobody managed to make it

frumskeptic said...

RV- not according to what I heard

Alan said...

Alan does read the bloggers' posts, and I enjoyed your company guys (Ruzins are amazing hosts). Good coverage of the shabbos meeting, frumskeptic.