Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Departed

Since it was motzei shabbos, my family (father excluded for this week due to slichos) naturally sat down to watch a movie.

My mom said that we will not be getting netflix until my sister finished Gone with the Wind, so because she hasn't finished it, and because we had a few movies which came with my laptop, we decided to just watch one of those movies, and it happened to be "The Departed" with Matt Damon (who was way better looking when he was younger), Leonardo DiCaprio (never liked him really, but was also better looking when younger) and Jack Nicholson, who well, is just stam old!

So anyway, the movie is rated R, and mostly because of the ridiculously high amount of cursing and goryness. All the blood and action was incredibly disturbing, especially in comparison with my typical chick-flick choice for a movie.

The general story is about this one mafia man who is being followed by the FBI, so they can get a case on him to arrest him and such. The guy has an agent on the squad working for him. Similarly the FBI has an undercover guy working for them. In the meantime everyone is shooting everyone, and nothing can get done, because both sides have "rats" leaking information to help/prevent them from getting caught. If you want to know what happens, you can watch the movie, but really you should be prepared for the gore. I was so disturbed I can't even describe it.

Well so anyway, I wanted to write a decent post, but I couldn't really concentrate on any of the topics I wanted to write about because of the movie, so I figured "Heck, I'll just write about the movie"


Lion of Zion said...

excellent movie

katie said...

i've also seen 'departed' and was equally disturbed. Especially the part where he's watching that Japanese movie, (which was the most disturbing movie I've ever seen, ever.)

Dave said...

If you like foreign films, and you liked this one, you might then consider "Infernal Affairs", which is the Hong Kong film of which "The Departed" is a remake.

frumskeptic said...

dave- is it gory?

Dave said...

As I recall, yes. Hong Kong films tend to be more violent then their American counterparts.

One of my favorite HK Films, only available on Video CD last I checked, is Cageman. No graphic violence, no sex.

Nonetheless, it was rated Category III (the equivalent of NC-17), for being politically subversive.

Jewish Sceptic said...

An awesome movie, but yes, blood and guts everywere.

Moshe said...

That disturbed you?! If you want something really disturbing, watch Jisatsu saakuru (Suicide Club).

frumskeptic said...

dave- thanx for the recommendation!

moshe- My favorite type of movie is a tear-jerker drama, and the type I ususally watch is a random, predictible chick-flick (which is more relaxing, because you don't have to really involve yourself in it) Its a wonder I didn't cry throughout "The Departed."

The Babysitter said...

Doesn't sound too good.

I don't get how these movies could be attractive.

The worst thing is to watch a scary movie at night.

mlevin said...

Babysitter - yes, movie is gory, but it depicts real criminal world. That's what I found most disturbing. I did watch more gory movies with senseless killings, but because they did not reflect real life (or real life today) I was able to just shrug them off.

More disturbing movie is Blood Diamond, also gory but none-the-less depicts hopelessness of African life.

The Babysitter said...

How do you know what real criminal world is like? from the news on TV?

It's interesting the way you look at it. But I think I would be disturbed by it, even if its completely fake, or perhaps I wouldn't be disturbed, but I would still be scared and not enjoy it.

I never liked learning about the Holocaust cause I found it too upsetting. I wouldn't watch a movie about it, which I hear there is one coming out, I forgot what its called, where Tom Cruise plays Hitler's assistant or something. It just sounds freaky and depressing.

Movies are supposed to make you forget about the world and just indulge in some happy time.

Moshe said...

Meh, I hate depressing movies. You watch movies for entertainment, not depression.
mlevin, you think Blood Diamond is bad? Watch the Rambo DVD and the specials. The violence was actually toned down from the real life.

mlevin said...

Saw rambo in my teens. Didn't move me. Too unrealistic.

Moshe said...

Not the old Rambo, the new Rambo, the one based on what's going on now in Burma. Watch the specials on the DVD after you watch the movie.

Dave said...

Netflix the "Up" series of documentaries (7-up through 49-up). Incredible films.

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