Saturday, July 19, 2008

Magnetic earings

I was at Claire's the other day, and they had a sale on magnetic earings; $2.75 a pair. So I bought the pair with the intention of scaring my super frummy friend. The point was to put them on on my upper ear as a second peircing. This "style" ended with Rivkah (or so they teach at the BY), and would totally mess with my friends head. Afterall, how could a decent frum girl have a second hole? Especially on the upper ear? My sister thought it was an awesome idea because my friend would definitely fall for it, and it would be loads of fun.

My friend never comes to shul for morning service, so I decided to save wearing them for shalosh suedos. I ofcourse cannot keep a straight face when I lie, so as soon as my friend walked into the kitchen (we set up shalosh suedos) I started smirking. Like this evil smirk I have.

So, there I am smiling away like an idiot, and my friend is like "Ok, what did you do?"

So I go "why do you think I did something?"

So she's like "that smirk"

So anyway, I say " I didn't do anything"

So eventually she sees the earings. And she goes "did you, um, pierce your ear?"

And I'm like "yea, don't you see it?"

So she is like "why'd you do it?"

So I say "well, I always thought it looked nice, so I decided to get it for myself"

She goes "did it hurt?"

I was like "yea, a little bit"

She went away because her little sister needed some attention. In the meantime this oldy Bucharian lady sat down near us and started chatting. She obviously noticed the earings, and was kinda staring, so my mom goes "yea, aren't they cute? She got them to scare super frummy girl." I started cracking up. My mom continued "now she's looking to get a henna tatoo to scare her as well. It will be funny"

So the lady says to my mom, "If your Anita keeps on doing this, it won't look very good for shidduchim"

I heard her. Later my mom came over and was like "did you hear what Bucharian lady said?"

And I started cracking up, and was like "wow, she totally doesn't get that I don't want guys like that"

My friend came back, and my sister was like "I'm thinking, maybe I should get them pierced too"

I was like "I don't know if you should, I think they're infected already"

So my friend is like "yea, ok" and was so obviously freaking out, but trying very hard to hide it.

I had a blast. I didn't tell her they were magnetic, so the plan is to come to shul next week, for shalosh suedos, wearing them again. Problem is, the earings are pink, and I only have like 2 pink outfits, hmm. I'll figure something out, probably just mismatch. Its not like I'm doing very good for shidduchim anyway. LOL :-).


The Candy Man said...

Funny stuff! It's great to mix things up a bit. Keep 'em guessing. And I like the whole "girls just want to have fun" feel of your post.

Of course, Rivkah Imainu had a nose ring, not a second ear-hole. But you get points for knowing a little Tanach.

don't read into this but... said...

about shidduchim...

are you looking for someone frum? jewish? skeptical?

frumskeptic said...

candy man: :)

didn't Rivkah have a nose ring with a chain attatched to the earring?


dont read this but..said...:

I'm looking for a NORMAL frum guy. like modern I guess. Someone that isn't typical. :-). But I'm no longer really looking. I've had too many bad dates. Need a vacation.

frustrated frummie said...

uh oh i already have a second hole in each ear (of course not done on purpose) but does this mean that i am not good for shidduchim?? im just kidding iy"h the guy that i marry will love me for me and of course my two earring holes lol....since i know super frummy friend she will totally freak out when she finds out about my second hole as well as that i want a third on my upper ear lol...till i get the result...
oh and fs: im totally here for u babe ;) i know what it feels like to go out on really stupid and annoying dates, but by going through them u r "one step closer to the right one" as all the true frummies tend to say

Moshe said...

nose ring!

Anonymous said...

She is looking for someone who will agree with her on EVERYTHING! :)

fav anony :)

frumskeptic said...

anony: not possible for someone to agree with me on everything. I'm completely one of a kind. I'm not into wishful thinking.

How boring would it be if he agreed with me on everything? I need drama and excitment. Real love means he fights back, not just agrees with me. I don't like sissy men. ;)

Jacob Da Jew said...

U bad. Real bad :P

Anonymous said...

oh great, then you want someone like your father.
anony :)

frumskeptic said...

anony: NO! If I wanted someone "exactly like" me, then I would want someone like my father. i want someone NOT like me. seriously, what don't you get.



Moshe said...

In other words, you want someone exactly like you, but the complete opposite. ;-)

The Babysitter said...

what happened at the end? you told her they were fake? what did she say?

But yea I agree with your mentality of not trying to be someone else. You want someone to like who you are. You don't want to always feel you have to be someone else while your married because that's who you pretended to be before.