Wednesday, July 2, 2008

crazy vandalizers over MP4 devices

Charedi people in general really bother me. Not only do they bother me, but I think that -like the Arabs- they have it damn easy in Israel. They get just about all the benefits of the average citizen and they neither pay taxes (cuz they do not work) and they do not serve in the army (becuase they're naive idiots). Well anyway, these good-for-nothing loonies (aka charedi peoples) have decided that they haven't done enough damage with the press, so they went and vandalized a few shops for selling "MP4 devices" Yup. You read that clearly.

In the article the frummy Rabbi decided that MP4 players were the devil's way to try and gain entrance to our protected homes and yeshivas, disguised as something you can listen to Torah lessons through.

MORONS! I hate people like that. MP4 players don't cause people to go off the derech, its the uniformed frum community that does it. People who beleive in Gd, and who believe in the Torah, and who are Gd fearing, could do ALOT of stuff before they sin or go "off the derech"

If a person is secure in a beleif, he wouldn't care that half the world is screaming against him. He wouldn't care that his next door neighbor does the total opposite, and it wouldn't bother him if his kids played with the said next door neighbor's kids (considering his neighbor isn't a psycho child molester). If someone is so threatened by things such as TV, Internet, cell phones (ITS A PHONE DAMN IT!!), and MP3/4 players they need to take a deep long hard look at themselves and reevaluate their lives. Beleiving in something with such little passion, that it would disappear because of a strangers opposing opinion only shows how insecure and stupid you are for beleiving in what you beleive.

Thats right. I think you're stupid if you think the Internet or goyish music can just turn someone away from Torah. Questioning never hurt anyway. What turns people away from Torah are the retarded wacko's that vandalize other people's property in the name of Torah and the fact that they really have NO answers, because they spend their days vandalizing property and beating up innocent Israeli women for sitting on busses.


Moshe said...

The point is not that all those things are bad but to inforce control over people. Those rabbis are losing credibility and respect of mainstream frum people and they enact bans in order to show their superiority.
America tried the same, unsuccessfully, with the prohibition and successfully, with the marijuana tax act.
It's a win-win situation. Those who don't comply can now be demonized and equated to the leftists.

Anonymous said...


Why do you generalize? Most prior post show your hatred towards frum people. Not all of us are like that. Not all wives are so dumb. Most of us open the minds of our very narrow minded husbands.

I was born into Hasidic family yet I am very educated, open minded and don't fall for any cultist crap. Most my frum friends are very into fashion, music, business, education, follow their own heart and let G-d be the judge. Just because some frum fanatic decided what is right or wrong doesn't make us all stupid.

Maybe you open your eyes a bit and realize that most of us are really cool and level headed women!!!!


frumskeptic said...

Their excuse is that its bad, so thats what I criticize. I completely agree with you tho that most of them randomly ban for control.


1- I generalize because I'm human.

2- IN the sunglasses post I did not mean that ALL frum wives are stupid, just the idiots that buy that.

3- IF one follows/repsects the random bans of the Rabbi's who deem such things right/wrong, I beleive they're stupid. I have no respect for Rebbeim like that. I completely ignore them.

DYS said...

There are 2 issues here:

1) The foolish banning of everything, which is not going to work

2) Vandalism of the stores, which is taking it to a whole other disturbing level

artie said...

let me translate this into torah lingo:

1) Video players AKA IPOD Video is forbidden.

2)Vandalizing Property, Causing Jews to lose money, and puting people's lifes in danger is OK.

Why don't these "JEWS" just convert to Islam already and get it over with. They seem to have a lot in common.

Moshe said...

Well that's pretty simple. Their rabbis tell them that those who don't follow their bans are same as goyim so no problem with vandalism.