Tuesday, July 1, 2008

text messaging

I hate text messaging with a passion. The entire concept of texting is so impersonal. But I use texting, why? Simply because texting is practical.

My friends all text. Before I had texting (I hated it, so I avoided making it part of my plan for a LONG time) my friends would "forget" I didn't have texting, and they would text me anyway. I would yell at one of my friends, and then about a day or two later, another friend would text me. Then some random classmate who needed HW would text me, and then BAM, I would owe a few dollars extra for texting. So for obvious reasons, I got a plan for 300 messages a month.

My parents agreed to continue on paying for my cell phone, but I would have to pay for the texting separately. Ok, fine with me. $5 for 300 messages is not bad at all.

I went over in texting almost every month. More acurately- every month but one. And I didn't go over by enough to go into the "unlimited" texting plan, which would be about 3 times what I pay now (including the over-texts).

And anyway, I need texting now. Its no longer really a "because my friends would text me" issue. At work I sit right infront of the manager, If I want to make plans with my friends, I either call and keep the convo realllly short (and be meanish cuz I'd have to get super talkers off the phone really quickly), or just text these people. I think texting is much simpler. PLUS PLUS, my very close friends (the ones I text most) actually have lives and can't chat all hours of the day either, so texting them is waaaay more convenient for both sides.

So anyway, my father receives the bill and he freaks out. "YOU WENT OVER YOUR LIMIT AGAIN!"

I ask you people, WHY on earth does it matter? I fail to understand why he cares if I'm paying for these messages on my own.


anyway...I'm going to go back to writing a post that actually has to do with frum people being wacko.


Moshe said...


frumskeptic said...

moshe: that cartoon is like the carbon copy of my life.

A freind txts me at work to tell me s/t. I text back with an answer AND i tell her i have 10 txt messages left, so she should be careful and keep it important.

She texts back "k:


Moshe said...

I think I pay something like $.20/txt. What about you?
Btw, when you txt her back you're also using up a txt.
I have internet on my phone, $15/month. I find it a lot more useful. Email with instant notify, google talk, youtube, internet.

frumskeptic said...

I don't usualy have an option on whether or not i should text back to her tho. So considering I do text her back, she should understand "10 left" means to leave me alone.

I think its 0.15/txt. I'm not sure cuz I have the first 300.
I think i may actally get internet. :). But I'm gonna wait till my plan expires.

DYS said...

So anyway, my father receives the bill and he freaks out. "YOU WENT OVER YOUR LIMIT AGAIN!"

I think I saw that commercial!

I barely text. I guess it's the generation gap.

Moshe said...

How old are you?

Anonymous said...

Your timing is impeccable. Slashdot just had a posting on the cost of text messaging.

Moshe said...

I don't understand why people pay at least $5 or more for texting, when they can have unlimited email and internet for $15.
And I don't know about others, but my phone has T9W for emails and browsing and teh simple single letter typing for texting.

frustrated frummie said...

with me txting all started while i was dating a guy, he would just randomly txt me during the day and i felt horrible not answering so i would txt back, my dad used to make me pay for all of them till i asked him to get me a plan for txting which he did so then i had like free to anyone with the same carrier and 200 to everyone else, when i started txting my family and kept going over my limit i finally was able to convince that unlimited txting for the whole family would make much more sense, this includes free aim on my phone...back to the whole point of txting sometimes its so much easier to ask someone a question through txting especially when u know that person talks alot, although this is not the reason why i txt some pple.