Sunday, July 6, 2008

Radio Dating

Every time I have an interesting date experience I tell my grandmother about it the next time I see her. I tell her for two reasons 1) because it makes her really happy that my cousins (both guys) are normal (or so she thinks) and 2) because it gets her off my back why I'm not dating anyone exclusively and/or engaged yet.

Just today I was telling her about this guy that is stalking me (yes he is stalking me, I am not exaggerating this). And she says to me "Tell him he's an idiot, and he'll leave you alone"

So I was like "I told plenty of guys they were idiots and they still call me back, I don't think the one that's actually stalking me will leave me alone"

So she was like "Tell him you're seeing someone"

I replied "Babushka, we have two mutual friends, and he showed up at my shul, believe me, I can't lie about that"

Then she goes "I need to fix my radio. My neighbor told me that every single Sunday Russian frum guys go on air and talk about themselves and what kind of girls they want. I'll let you know if a guy goes on"

I was like "BABUSHKA, I am NOT going out with a guy from the radio."

Believe it or not, about a year ago (before her radio broke) she wrote down a number for me, from a guy who was about 9 yrs older than me, and was not a US citizen. When she did that I said "not only is he too old, but he's not a US citizen, I don't need someone using me like that."

She was like "You need a mature guy, he should be a lot older, and then he'll also have money in savings, its better for you. And the fact that he isn't a citizen shouldn't matter, your parents weren't born here"

I was like "It's not about being born here, and 9 years is too many"

She decided its not worth arguing with me. Thank gd her radio broke, and she completely forgot. But now she remembered. I only have to hope she doesn't fix the radio or buy a new one (which would probably be cheaper for her anyway).


FrummeYenta said...

LOL! She sounds really cute.

At least she cares... ;)

frumskeptic said...

frummeyenta: yea yea she does. She definitly does. I love her :).
She went over to frum ppl she heard speaking russian at the dentists office, and she waslike "my granddaughter became religious, I don't know what to do, I want her to get married, but I can't set her up with my freinds gradnsons like I planned"

They told her all about shadchanim. So she called me up and waslike "theres this person called a shadchan, and their job is to set ppl up."

I couldn't keep myself from laughing. lol. She was like "now you just need to find one". lol !!!

FrummeYenta said...

LOL!! Sorry, but you don't strike me as the stereotypical let's all run to the shadchan type. Do you even OWN a black pleated skirt??
:-D :-P

David said...

maya zhena tozhe religioznaya evreika iz sovietskogo soyuza-- a vy otkuda?

Moshe said...

fs, come over to him and do kiai ;-)

david, а русскими буквами писать слабо?
из каких вы городов?

David said...


yesli by ya nashel takie bukvy na computerye, to, s nimi pisal by. Takix nyet, k sozhaleniyu. Ya zhivu okolo Vashingtona-- rodilsya okolo Filadelfii.

Moshe said...

I meant you and your wife.
Install Russian keyboard in Regional and Language Settings and then follow the instructions on my site. The letters will get reassigned phonetically.

frumskeptic said...

yente: I have a brown pleated skirt. you think that'll do? :)

David: I was born here-in Brooklyn, NY (no patience to reply).

frumskeptic said...

i meant no patience to reply in "russian"

Anonymous said...

have you ever gone to this place?
2915 Ocean Pkwy , near Neptune

frumskeptic said...

Anonymous, I did once for friday night shabbos meal. My friend and I kept meaning to go again but its 2 much for us, the walk isnt so near, especially late fri night.

Anonymous said...

they do have an apartment where girls can stay over on Shabbat,and during the summer they have BBQs on thursdays and their biggest attraction is that if you complete a ten week seminar with them (ten weeks, one day a week ,three hours ) you get to go on a trip for two weeks (two days Europe, 12 days Israel, $600).

frumskeptic said...

anonymous: I like my own bed. So going to the girls apt is not exactly my idea of a great shabbos. I do have an acquientance that occassionaly stays at the apt. She said next time she'll go, she'll give me a call. So maybe I will.

Bout the BBQ's I would love to go. But thursdays are so...right before shabbos. I tried to go twice last yr, and each time something came up. This year I didn't even bother.

Moshe said...

Go to Darchei on S and 7th instead.

frumskeptic said...

Moshe: I actually realllly wnated to go there. Now I'm scared tooo.

Long story. And its totally personal. I heard its loads of fun, and I recommend EVERYONE go. Its just me. literally.

The Babysitter said...

You know they have this Shidduch Hotline thing on Motzei Shabbos and Tuesday night where people call up and talk about someone they know and what their looking for and then people listen in and then call that persons number if they know of someone that fits. Its really entertaining to listen to, I listened once. I have to get the number again and try listening again, it was so funny.

About the age thing, 9 years does sound a lot. But I know a girl who's husband is 9 years older than her. She said its great cause then she always looks young to her husband.