Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The world is coming to an end!

Nothing is more depressing than listening to the world's ignorant people. I mean, if you believe these people the world is at an end. The Islamic terrorists are going to get their hands on nucleaur weapons and take over the world, in the meantime the CO2 emissions are causing natural global disasters, while our eating habits will inevitably cause epidemic levels of cancer, all of which will lead to the end of the human race, or the world as we know it today.

ENOUGH is enough! I've had it already with the world coming to an end fear. For all of you people who complain about the end of the world, you need to seek therapy or learn to stop dwelling on it. Afterall, if you guys are right, theres really nothing us humans can do about it!

One of my professors was talking about how we should conserve energy. He said that we should walk or use bikes instead of use cars. He said that NYC will be flooded in 15 years. Lets say he's right, wth does he want from us? Lets imagine all the green-hippies get what they want and we all return to the horse and buggy lifestyle, what does he think will happen? Does he think the ice bergs and glaciars will not melt? Or does he think we'll postpone the melting for another year or two? But wth is the point of postponement considering we're all eating ourselves to death anyway! Afterall, obesity and hydrogenated oils cause heart disease and cancer. We're all going to die anyway, so why not just live our last few years having fun?

Heck, we should have all the fun now, because if the crazy islamic terrorists do get their hands on nukes and take over the world, they may just end up beating the crap out of us if we fight back. Heck they may even torture us!

Whats my point? My point is is that all the whiners should just STFU already! According to you guys we're all going to die anyway. IF global warming aint gonna kill us, it'll be the terrorists, if not the terrorists it'll be our eating habits. YOU should just frikkin face the fact that the world will be over within the next few years. Instead of trying to change the inevitable you should just shut up and enjoy!


Moshe said...

It's the end of the world as we know it.
And I feel fine.

Jersey said...

Yikes! What a rant.

Anonymous said...

Your prof has it backwards. The sun is entering a new phase and the problem is now going to be global cooling, not global warming. In 20 years NYC will be under a glacier if we don't keep up with the carbon emissions.

Ophir said...

Frum Skeptic- What does STFU stand for? I'm just kidding I know what it stands for but I'm surprised you would use such language. And you call yourself "frum" lol. I'm jk around. Anyway, just ignore idiots like this. Let them be convinced that we are going to drown in 200 years. Doesn't Mashiach have to come before the year 6000? We are almost there. Global Warming is a myth that Al gore invented because he finished inventing the internet.

abandoning eden said...

wow, it's exactly that attitude (fuck it, lets do whatever we want!) which led to the state of the world today. Thanks for making the world just a little bit worse.

Child Ish Behavior said...

I too am the king of apathy. But I think this takes apathy to a new level. Militant Apathy is a newish concept, congratulations for being another adherent to the cause of a "Better World."

When the world finally agrees with your opinion we will really only have a few days to live.

I personally wouldn't get upset about the people saying the world is coming to an end. They just need something to rant about.

DYS said...

I agree that some people get overhysterical. But nothing you wrote refutes the dangers of global warming, cancer, etc. all you put out there is a kvetch that you don't feel like having to change any part of your life.

You can make small changes to be a more responsible citizen of planet earth without moving to a commune and wearning flowers in your hair. Recycle, drive a hybrid, eat more natural foods, etc.

Those things can be done while still living your current lifestyle.

And yes, the world isn't coming to an end. But the way we live life will change at a faster pace. Well have more natural disasters (haven't you noticed an increase already?), more species extinctions, more terrorist attacks, more illnesses.

None of these will end the human race or even end civilization. After 9/11 and Katrina, things managed to continue. But they'll certainly make it harder for millions of people.

So go drive an SUV and don't worry about people who'll lose there homes or even die because of rising sea levels. After all, they're just people with funny names half a world away.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! Loved your rant. I agree with you 100%, could not have said it better.


Rachel said...

That's a skewed way of saying it. Nobody is asking you to hyperventilate, smack yourself in the head, rip your shirt, and yell "Woa to us, the end is near!" (sans the dramatic attitude), but saying "F*** this, let's do whatever we want" gets pretty close to the screwed up attitudes of the extremist Islamists that have actually harmed thousands of people.

Now if you're trying to say "I want to eat whatever I want without fearing cancer," then b'teavon. :)

Moshe said...

F*** this S***, I'm gonna go shoot an endangered species and eat it!
Viva la revolucion!

The Candy Man said...

All of the problems you mention -- global warming, terrorist nuking, and overeating -- are solvable. And it's going to be our generation that has to solve them.

I have a better idea than your "ignore it" post. Why don't you toss religion aside (you don't seem to be enjoying it very much anyways) and devote your "idealistic" side to goals like solving these problems? If you gave these ideas half the respect you give Jewish stuff ...!

Anonymous said...

What a juvenile blog!

Mikeinmidwood said...

What does it matter if the world comes to an end noone will be able to care.

frumskeptic said...

abandoning eden, dys, and candyman:

say global warming is a threat. and I DO go green. What good will that do. It will only postpone the inevitable. You can't make 5 billiion people in the universe change their ways enough for it to matter. If the global warming greenies are right, we're done for.

Plus, throughout history there were ALWAYS temperature fluctuations, thats why there were ice ages. Thats why there was an agricultural revolution. By us thinking we could change nature, we're just kidding ourselves. It happens.

About food: Its not my place to watch what other people eat. People have the right to eat w/e they want whenever they want.

about Islamic terrorists: how can I prevent that? I mean if it were up to me I'd nuke the bastards, but that really wouldn't help- becasue that would just add to the polution and cause more war. So there is no solution. Its not like one can talk peace with ppl who see nothing wrong with blowing themselves up.

Moshe: You're so funny. hahaha :)
Lemme know when you go hunting, I'll provide the vodka for the bear. ;).

DYS said...

Plus, throughout history there were ALWAYS temperature fluctuations, thats why there were ice ages. Thats why there was an agricultural revolution. By us thinking we could change nature, we're just kidding ourselves. It happens.

Sounds like you've been listening to Rush Limbaugh & Sean Hannity.

We most definitely HAVE made a significant change in the warmiong patterns of the planet. It's not that the earth has never warmed before to the extent we're expecting it to now, it's that the rate of change is very unprecendeted and the environment cannot make natuarl adjustments in the current time frame.

The extremely vast concensus of objective scientific studies is that climate change due to human influence is real. The only ones arguing that it isn't real are those with ties to industry groups who don't want to change their behavior or pundits with no scientific credentials and who favor big business.

I'm not naive enough to think that demonizing big business and appealing to people's better nature can change things. A mizture or regulation, tax incentives, pressure on other pollting nations like China, and development of green technologies will make a difference.

I know that Al Gre has been ridiculed by the political right in this country lately, but he's on the leading edge of using industry to change the environment, investing in companies and technologies that are finding green technologies profitable.

And yes, individuals can make a difference. By serving as an example and advocating for public policy change, each person, as part of the larger group, can have tremendous influence.

DYS said...

What a juvenile blog!


The comment above wan't put nicely. I've found that you are intelligent and have many interesting things to say. That's why I enjoy reading your blog and have it on my blogroll.

But blog posts like this one and a few others do come across as immature, even if that's not how you meant it.

It's unfair for me to lecture you on this, as I'm 38, and when I was your age I was probably less mature than you are in your thinking processes.

But you do bill youself as a skeptic, that you question everything. Posts like this make it seem like you've listened to some right-wing radio talk show hosts and swallowed everything they said.

(Sorry if this came across as condescending - I hope you take it in the spirit it's intended.)

Moshe said...

Gore has falsified studies to suit his goals.
And then there's Gore's personal living which is the opposite of which he advocates.

mlevin said...

Moshe - why are you bothering with the links. Liberals will always think that Americans are the root of all evil. They will ignore all of your links and label them propaganda.

These types of arguments remind me of arguing with Arabs about Israel. Regardless what you say and what you show they will insist that Jews stole their land, and that Jews are evil and never belonged in Israel.

Moshe said...

Touche, but, in case any fellow conservatives haven't read about it, links are there. ;-)

Liberals are good for only one thing, target practice.

The Babysitter said...

I agree with you so much on this one! Enough with the global warming stuff.

When I gave my speech on how to wash your hands correctly and I said that for a group of children you shouldn't use towels cause it will defeat the whole purpose of washing hands, because of all the germs. My prof said that "Oprah says you shouldn't use paper towels, that you should only use towels, so that you shouldn't burn down extra trees". Now that sounded ridiculous on so many levels. I mean what is more important, the fact that right now you might be getting germs and be harming yourself, or your not using 2 pieces of paper towel will "save the environment".

DYS said...


Your professor isn't the final word on environmental conservation. Yes, paper towels are better for health. But you can buy good-quality paper towels made at least partially of recycled material.

You can do small things that don't massively compromise your lifestyle.

The Babysitter said...

DYS: ok that makes sense.