Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Addicted to the Olympics

I am an Olympic watcher. Heck, I'm an addict; since shabbos ended, our TV has not shut off during the hours the games were playing. I obviously cannot watch the games at work, but I watch from the moment they begin later at home (8-whenever they end). Last night I stayed up till 12:30 watching men's gymnastics. And today, I'll stay up till they end again, watching ladies gymnastics.

The other day while watching the ladies gymnastics qualifications, it became clear that the Chinese government is full of it. The Olympic committee said that atleast 4 of the girls on the Chinese team were under qualifying age. So they checked the passports of the girls on the team, and stupidly said that they must be qualified. Seriously now...This is the chinese government, they LIED. I don't know how many of you watched the gymnastics, but one of the girls was in no possible way 15. She looked 12. Its horrible that the Chinese were given permission to host. Makes me upset.

Anyway, for happy news...

On Sunday, I saw Michael Phelps and the US swim team beat the stinky French (pun intended ;)), the face Phelps made was priceless.

I get so excited watching swimming, mostly because I used to take swim lessons, and I love to swim. Earlier while watching Phelps win his 10th Gold (overall olympic career), I was in absolute awe at how they can do the butterfly stroke so quickly. The butterfly is probably the hardest stroke and not only did these guys have to swim for 200 meters, but they had to do it super fast.

Absolutely amazing how talented people could be.

I want to go for a swim and I want to meet Michael Phelps :-)


Anonymous said...

I've been watching non stop too. It's lame. I never watch sports with the exception of the Olympics and ice skating during that season.

The Olympics mean something to me. It's one time when the world (seemingly) comes together.

I'm with you about the government in China. Channel 4 (ABC) has been doing great profiles of the nation and stuff like that.

I was on swim team one year in high school. I never competed but man I understand their work.

I better run, women's synchronized diving is too good to miss :)

frumskeptic said...

:)- Phelps got 11 golds. And the US team beat the World Record. :-) WOOHOO

I don't watch sports aside from Olympics either.

And for winter Olympics I watch Ice Skating and the ski jumps. :-)

Timothy Geobel is the guy I wanna meet during winter Olympics ;-)

Ophir said...

Frum Skeptic- Do you want to go for a swim and meet Michael Phelps at the same time, so that you see him in a speedo? lol

Moshe said...

Used to watch olympics. Would need to connect tuner to computer since I don't have a TV and I'm too lazy.

frumskeptic said...

Ophir: lol.

Men should NOT wear speedos, Olympic swimmers are the only exception.

Anonymous said...

Oh sure, you like swimming because you used to take swim lessons. Nothing to do with 20 half naked fit men...

I like womens tennis because I used to throw a tennis ball against a wall and catch it.

The Babysitter said...

My mother loved watching the ice skating Olympics. We haven't had a TV for a long time so I haven't gotten to watch any Olympics for a while. But I hear its hosted online at different sites so I can't wait to check it out.

I read that China had a girl lip sync, they didn't have the real girl on stage singling because she wasn't "pretty" enough.

Yea, it does take talent to be able to do what they do.