Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Such Jews

I was watching Shawn Johnson win her gold medal today on the balance beam. When that was over, I stayed up to watch men's high-bar gymnastics. When it came time for Jonathan Horton to go, the first thing that went through our (mom, sister and me) heads was how cute a shidduch Shawn and Jonathan would make.

Shawn- 4'9"
Jonathan- 5'1"

The only problem standing in the way of this shidduch is the age gap.
Jonathan is 21, and Shawn is 16.

They have the same interests, and their parents reacted in the same way when their kids medaled. Plus, they'd have "pedigree" gymnasts (what my mom calls it) for kids. The perfect little shorties to make the Olympic team in about 30 something years. They'd also be very cute and adorable. Who wouldn't set up such perfect genes together?

We're such Jews. What other family would sit there and imagine a shidduch between two completely random strangers they "know" from TV?


David_on_the_Lake said...

oh you're not so bad..
If you were one notch up in your'd be figuring out how much money they're going to be making...

shoshi said...

Making shidduchim according to hight
seems one of the most stupid methods I could imagine.

Ophir said...

What were you doing watching TV? Don't you know its assur?

frumskeptic said...

shoshi: I wasn't making it according to height. Just thought it was cute how the heights would be perfect.

david on the lake: I was trying to figure out how much phelps would be making. :-).

Ophir: TV is my form of rebellion. haha

The Babysitter said...

FrumSkeptic: I'm sure Jews aren't the only ones that would do that. But that's funny.

But 16 and 21 isn't such a big age gap. When she gets older then it could be a possibility.

Now the Olympics is something I want to see...

"TV is my form of rebellion. haha"

Did I just see right? was that "rebellion" you said? Now why would you be rebelling on something that's not rebel worthy, considering there is nothing wrong with watching TV?

frumskeptic said...


was responding to Ophir using sarcasm. lol. I'm not rebelling, def not with the TV. lol.

The Babysitter said...

Frumskeptic: lol, ok, just making sure.