Wednesday, August 27, 2008

People talk about my blog :-)

Over shabbos I was at shul having shalosh suedos with my super frummy friend. I mentioned the post Fasting While Pregnant. I know she doesn't read my blog, so her reaction of "Yea I heard about it" really shocked me. Apparently over shabbos lunch, her father, the guy I work with and another family friend where sitting around and talking about my blog.

I was super thrilled; because even though I know my dad occassionally sends around links, he doesn't usually send those type of posts, he usually does the KGB type or the Goyim do it too! kind. So I knew they read it on their own. Which fascinated me. I asked super frummy friend for more details, but she wouldn't give me any. She just refused to speak. So I did the next best thing, I asked the guy I work with. But super frummy friend kept shaking her head at him, and so he didn't tell me anything, and thats when I decided to bribe his little 10 year old son. :-).

Well, son didn't have any info. And super frummy friend kept yelling at him about how its an avara to accept a bribe, and whatever. And so, I'm basically left with the conclusion that there was loshon hara on more than just my blog. They must of been talking about me. Which absolutely fascinates me, because...

1- I'm almost positive about what they said. Super frummy dad was pissed that I said that frum cannot think for themselves due to camp and all the crazy hours kids have to spend with authority other than their own parents. While he was kvetching, the guy I work with stated how there was a discussion on the way to work about fasting while pregnant (because of me) which further annoyed Mr. frummy dad, who btw, I'm almost positive is the "yeshivish with eyes open" commenter on KGB/Yeshiva part 4.

Oh, my manager, who has no kids, and it seems it's because she was unable, got really annoyed at the concept that women fast. She was like "if you're blessed with a pregnancy you nurture it, you don't go and fast, thats ridiculous" but, what does she know? She isn't frum, right?

2- Any publicity is good publicity. I like that people read my blog, and I like that the posts are so perfectly blunt that these people have to discuss it to such a degree that their kids fear my reaction to it. If they really thought I was just a nut, they wouldn't feel so defensive to prove I'm wrong. Never mind attack my father about it for a long time.

Defensiveness means they have something to be ashamed of (in most cases). If they thought I was completely off the charts, they wouldn't bother taking what I wrote seriously, nevermind discuss it over shabbos lunch.

It's like when you lie and get caught, and you try to cover it with another lie, and you get all tense and nervous trying to prove it. Well thats kind of the way he was acting.

I love them frum people. I bet he wouldn't admit to the crazy shidduch stuff too. Probably would say "oo...the shadchan is your freind" and the fact that the shadchanim want to make money would completely be ignored by him.

It just makes me so happy that this has got to be some hard-core loshon hara (or else frummy friend wouldn't be so nervous if I found out what was being said) and coming from the super frummy type. :-)


Mikeinmidwood said...

Are you sure your doing the right thing by posting this about them.

Child Ish Behavior said...

I agree all press is good press. Keep sticking the knife in deeper and eventually you will hear a scream. I think you are hearing the screams.

Moshe said...

Talking's good. It's when they're standing outside your door with pitchforks and torches, that's when things begin to get interesting. ;-)

frumskeptic said...

mike: I'm sure I'm doing a good thing. I don't like talking behind peoples back, I tell them to their faces. Let them tell me to my face. Not go kvetch to coworkers and then my dad.

childish, moshe: LOL. :-)

Moshe said...

fs' dad: A, there are some people outside, I think it's for you.

Jessica said...

It's unfortunate that people can't separate the issue from the person. Sorry you had lashon hara spoken behind your back, but hey, more schar for you, right? :-P

The Raz said...

Your pregnancy fasting blog is pretty tame in comparison to most of the stuff out there which makes me wonder, what do you think it would take for them to confront you face to face rather then talking behind your back?

The Babysitter said...

When people are "defensive" besides for the fact that they feel what your saying deserves a response, it could be that they know you have the potential to be a "frummy" so that is why they answer back to you, and talk about it.

Like if a goody good child does something bad, people talk about it more, cause its unexpected, or at least the child can do better. But when its the bully/bad guy who does something bad, its nothing new, and they know they can't convince him otherwise, so they will just ignore it.

Something like that idea. Although I know you don't think of yourself as ever becoming a "frummy".

But then again, just by you talking about this stuff, it shows you want clarity on it. So taking what you said about them, can be used back at you.

frumskeptic said...

Raz- I dont think they would ever confront me face to face. The things i say to their faces is wack. lol. They still never said anything.

babysitter- I do want clarity, which is why I don't think I'll ever be a frummy. There seems to be no clarity in what they're doing.

Anonymous said...

When I was working at a fish shop my boss once said to me "Hey, have you ever heard of a site called Frum Satire? That guys really funny."

You never know who out there reads blogs.

frumsatire said...

It feels damned good dont it- but remember if you wish to remain anonymous dont tell anyone.

I abandoned anonymity because you cant do standup or find a date when your anonymous- but it takes balls.

frumskeptic said...

I'm not really anonymous anymore. lol

More like selective anonymity.