Thursday, August 28, 2008

How things work out

I was on the phone chatting with one of my friends and she says:

"You know, I really like talking to you on the phone, online you seem so mean"

I found that so funny. I asked her to expand on what she meant and she says:

"well everytime I say something that is slightly controversial you naturally find a different viewpoint and turn around my argument. You do that in a normal approach of just wanting me to understand that things are not one-demensional. Online when you do that, I just get bombarded with all your ims, and since you type so fast it seems as if you're yelling at me somehow. But on the phone it always seems like you're smiling or atleast calm. So I just like the phone better."

I started cracking up. And was like "wow, some people must really think I'm crazy. haha"

When I got off the phone I went to check what was going on in the blogworld. When I went to read Frum Punks lastest post he wondered whether or not I'm always complaining. Generally I don't complain alot. Just cuz of this blog (which is self-daignosed therapy) it seems that way. And well I am generally a pessimist. But I like to say I'm an optimist with experience. :-)

Anyway, the point of this post is how awesome it is that both my friends convo about online persona and frumpunks post came out the same day, and for me in the same hour. Which I find awesome. I love when these things happen. You know when you randomly remember about your friend that you haven't spoken to in about 3 months, and a few hours later you get a call from him/her and you honestly say "oh wow, I was just thinking of you."

Its kind of like that for me with these events. I find these occurances awesome. :-)


Child Ish Behavior said...

Wow. Such a coincidence. Perhaps God is telling you to chill a little? Perhaps you should try the online friendly approach Or you could make fun of everything, like I do.

frumskeptic said...

Making fun of everything is harder than it looks. I'd like to remain crazy online. Its just more fun that way :-)

Moshe said...

Stop confusing people. I'm mean online, on the phone and in person.

Couple months ago, it was some kind of holiday, I'm going from J to M. I was planning on calling my friend, the one who does the kiddush club, and asking him if there's kiddush club this week and if I should cut the salami. I'm having this conversation in my head, yes, I'm crazy, about if he would say he's not going anywhere that I'd tell him to go to his in-laws. Literally 30 seconds later, before I even make it home, he calls and tells me, drum rolls please, they decided to go to his in-laws. That was very freaky.

frum single female said...

people have to get a grip. even though blogs can be quite negative it doesnt mean the blogger has the exact personality online as in real life.

EndOfWorld said...

Phew. I thought I was the only one who was intimidated to post on your site.

which just goes to show you that you have a lot of people who read this blog without actually commenting. yay you :)

Joodah said...

I can relate but in a different way. I find that I can communicate better when typing it out, either in a paper, im, or blog. When im in a real-life dialoge, there's always a risk of intteruption, yelling, and verious verbal gaffes.

i guess I can just communicate digitally than verbally. how sad is that?

Jessica said...

joodah - I am exactly the same way. Even with my closest friends we tend to just facebook message and/or e-mail each other (because I'm even worse at talking on the phone than I am in person).

frumskeptic said...

endofworld- lol. Don't be intimidated. Even if I were mean whats the worst that could happen? I'd virtually bite you? lol :-)

The Babysitter said...

FrumSkeptic: Yay I'm up to your blog, lol!

"But I like to say I'm an optimist with experience."

That is such a great line, I love it, gonna add it to my list of quotes.

That really is cool when that happens. Also a lot of times because your thinking about something you start to notice it more. So its not so much coincidence, its more what you are paying attention to. But yea its still amazing.

btw, from your blog posts you may appear one way, but from your comments it evens you out. So you don't seem mean to me.

Moshe: you are not entirely mean, from your comments I can tell you are nicer. Although my first impression of you was that you were mean.

Joodah: I used to be the same way, felt the same that its easier with IM's and stuff because there's no interruptions and you can say all you want.

FrumSkeptic: lol, a super poke bite!