Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Personality Test Result

I took a personality test on collegeboard.com cuz of my sister. This test has 125 questions, so only take it if you won't get frustrated (well, i did, but since I promised sister...). Anyway, These are my results. And most of the stuff is accurate (except for the thing with group work, I completely hate it, not just the responsibility thing). Ohh...btw, I'm the same as 5% of the population.

ENTZs are competitive, ambitious, commanding, and organized. You have an inquisitive and adventurous spirit. You do not like to be confined by strict rules or limitations on your freedom. As an ENTZ you pride yourself on being able to meet challenges by planning out activities in advance. Because of your gift for forethought, you always have a backup plan.

You bring strategic leadership to a group or team: you make plans, set them in motion, and motivate your friends, family, teammates, and colleagues to help you accomplish the goal. Although you like group work, you don't like being responsible for making sure that people follow through on their commitments.

You tend to become frustrated with people who are less motivated than you or who fail to accomplish what they say they will. You believe that power is earned through superior leadership and competence. Consequently, you dislike working on mundane or simple tasks and take pride in being ahead of everyone else in all you do.
You naturally find innovative ways to improve processes and outcomes. You are a driven, daring, and competitive learner, who enjoys determining how new concepts fit into an existing theory. You enthusiastically pursue new ideas and dreams. You are at your best when thinking out loud.

ENTZs are most often found in career fields where work emphasizes strategy and business enterprise. As an ENTZ you will be most satisfied and productive when you are involved in projects and tasks that emphasize innovation and planning. You are most interested in jobs that allow you to influence others and advance in your career.

Your strenghs include...
Confidence in tackling confusion and inefficiency.
Making thoughtful and precise plans.
Choosing the overall direction for a project or group.
Refusing to take "no" for an answer.
Turning interesting problems into solutions.
An enjoyment of mental challenge.
Generating quick resolutions to difficult situations.
Candor and decisiveness.
A tendency to initiate change.
Openness to any idea that allows a task to move forward.

You learn best when dealing with...
New, intellectually challenging subjects.
Future-oriented topics and subjects.
Active learning methods and group dialogue.
Competent teachers.
State-of-the-art information and technology.
Scientific and theoretical subjects.
Cutting-edge technology as a learning tool.

When interacting socially, you...
Speak with energy, excitement, and enthusiasm.
Reply quickly with unrehearsed responses.
Prefer communicating in person.
Are forceful and to the point.
Become impatient with extraneous details.
Take pleasure in weighing the pros and cons of various alternatives.
Are persuaded by reason rather than emotion.

You are motivated by...
Situations requiring tough-mindedness, vision, and strategic thinking.
Opportunities to acquire new knowledge.
Having your hunger for problem solving satiated.
Seeing your vision become a reality.
Opportunities to create efficient systems and encourage people to become more competent.
Exercising leadership and management skills.

In order to maximize your potential...
Really listen to what others are saying.
Stay with an activity until it is truly mastered.
Remember to consider emotions and feelings.
Consider all sides of an issue before deciding.
Practice being a good follower.
Reflect before making decisions.
Give praise and show appreciation more readily.
Allow others to contribute their ideas and strategies.
Don't overlook the small details.


EndOfWorld said...

Hehe. Now I can blab and blab and you have to pretend to listen, because in order to maximize your potential, you should really be listening to others.

*big grin*

frumskeptic said...

lol :-)

The Babysitter said...

FrumSkeptic: "You do not like to be confined by strict rules or limitations on your freedom"

Wow, looks like it did a good job in figuring you out.

Looks like a very through questionnaire thing, I think I'm gonna check it out. I've got time now, till school starts tomorrow.

frumskeptic said...

lol. they figured me out perfectly.

I love that. My sister was cracking up when I was reading the results outloud. :)

Moshe said...

You must register? They're asking for money or student status. Bastards.

frumskeptic said...

O man. that really sux!!

EndOfWorld said...

Do I have to comment again to make the blogroll? *wink*

The Babysitter said...

FrumSkeptic: I was able to login to collegeboard, but then it asked for the access code from the SAT written paper, and I couldn't find that, so one day when I find it then I'll check it out